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IMG_2790I am working on organizing my daughters room.  I started with kids clothes organization.  Now I am moving to books.  We are very blessed to have so many books.  But we need a better way to read them all.  They were all in a dresser drawer but we need something better.

Step 1: Understand What Books and Sizes You Have

Big or small.  Rectangular or square.  Do a survey.



Step 2: Search for Different Containers Around Your House

Shelves, baskets, or even things you would not think or like magazine holders.

Step 3: Organize Your Books

By size, type, color, or something else.  What ever make sense for you and the age or your child.

Step 4: Get Organized

Start trying different books in different containers.  See what works in your house in your space.

PicMonkey Collage

Step 5: Go Vertical

If this is not working for you maybe you need to invest in vertical shelving.  These ledges may be helpful.

Step 6: Enjoy and Get Reading

While books are colorful they are for reading.  Enjoy your new organization system and start flipping those pages.

Organizing Childrens Books



50 Things to Know To Surviving the First Year of Parenthood: Simple Advice for New Parents 


What would you include in your favorite baby books? Please find the book on Amazon and we will post the link for you! I love to read different types of books to our little girl.  These books would all make great Christmas gifts or shower gifts.

Charlie the Cavalier book +hands on teaching tool to keep children engaged with loved ones


Charlie the Cavalier is a children’s book and printable puppet

who keeps children engaged while with others or during video chatting.

Illustrator: Magdalena Takáčová

Written By: Lisa Rusczyk

These books are great because there are many little flaps to lift up.  Tiny little hands can open and close each door like a hinge.
Babies loves to press buttons.  When sounds come from them they like to press them even more.
Feeling texture is a sensory experience.
Turning each page brings more fun!
Pulling and pushing each page in and out as I am reading is fun for both of us.
My 10 month old loves opening each page of the book as I read.  When it is time I open up the next page just a little bit for her to grab.
You can read and babies can chew at the same time!
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