11 Things to Know to Celebrate a Kids Birthday Party on a Budget

1508556_10204385054525170_6307825359921370373_nOur little girl turned 3 this year.  We wanted to celebrate by having friends and family together in one celebration.  Hopefully you can use the tips I collected to have a budget party for your child that they will remember all year..

1. Shop at the Dollar Tree

The dollar tree has many decorations for parties.  Remember that you may find some things in bulk at a less expensive rate per piece somewhere else.

The dollar store does have name brand things such as Disney.  You do not need to use the item for their intended purpose.  I added gold fish to these pop corn containers.


2. Create an Easy Theme

We choose a prince and princess theme for this party.  We could have chosen just Frozen.  But  by leaving the theme broad there was more things that could be added.

3. Find Things Around Your House

Since my daughter has many princess toys, we brought them to the party for everyone to play with. My daughter had this tea pot from a tea set.  I put some tissue paper in the tea pot, added a balloon from the dollar store, and had a centerpiece.


4. Find Items You Can Use Again

There are some princess decorations that we then hung up in my daughters room.  We have have some rings and necklaces that we will put in her dress up box for when her friends come to play.

5. Make Inexpensive Treats

I made regular rice crispy treats, added food coloring, then a cookie cutter to make them into butterflies.  There were not very expensive to make but they were a hit at the party.

10888541_10204385042444868_6078315273764681041_n6. Ask Guest to Bring a Side

If you are deciding to have a lunch you can make the mail meal and then have guest bring a side or desserts.  This also helps with party sizing.  If all guests bring a side there will be food for everyone.

7. Borrow Items From Friends or Churches

Our church had a princess playmat that went with our theme.  We borrow the mat for the day and added to the party.   10885464_10204385041684849_8912695636058148331_n

8. Recycle

I made swords that the kids loved playing with out of tin foil, paper towel and wrapping paper rolls.10613155_10204385049365041_8589442749808842820_n

9. Pinterest

Look on pinterest for inexpensive ideas.  I have a balloon birthday board with over 10,000 followers that may be helpful for upcoming parties.

10.  Mix Parent and Kid Items

This bracelet organizer is from my own closet.  I put some dollar store bracelets on to make them look nice for the kids.  When the party was over I got my bracelet organizer back.




11.  Thrift Store Toys

You can purchase your child some thrift store toys as gifts.  These are already put together so your kids can play with them right away.  You don’t even have to open a box or try to put the things together.  A good second cleaning is always helpful

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