16 Tips for Mom's to De-Stress

I am now a stay at home Mom for a one year old, and working on finishing my doctorate.  Along with many other titles I give myself, I need to reduce stress!  Here are some tips on how I personally reduce stress in my life.  Image Found Here.

1.  Journal

I am an Oprah lover!  She taught me the importance of journaling.  I have been journaling since my junior year of high school.  Writing in a journal is a great way of getting your thoughts all on paper. I even count writing books and blogging as journaling because I can review my work to see what I thought in the past and how I have changed.

2. Walk with a Friend

I love to walk and talk to people.  I love to listen to others thoughts.  I like to talk out my problems with friends but can find it easier when we are walking.

3. Tea Time

When ever I feel stress with work/school/kids I get a cup of tea.  Just taking out 5 minutes to make the tea is enough time to reset my mood.  The warmth feels good in my body.  And usually after a tea break I can get things done faster. Purchase a box of assorted tea and try a different one every day for a week.

4. Organize

This may be weird but when I am stressed I organize something.  This relaxes me.  Just seeing that i have control over a small thing makes me realize I have control over the big things too.  Even if it is your desk drawer.  You could also start in your kitchen.

5. Write a Thank You Note

Give gratitude for what you have.  Changing your mindset may change the situation.  Even just a nice note to a friend that is helpful on facebook or a text message can work.

6. Dancing In The Shower

I like to listen to music in the shower and dancing.

7. Prayer

Praise, Repent, Ask, and Yield.   Faith will help you though it.

8. List Worries

Create a list of what is worrying you.  Possibly listing the positive and negatives with give you different insights.

9. Relax

When I have trouble sleeping I listen to this self confidence 10 minute hypnotherapy.  I usually fall asleep half way through.

10. Friends

Just being around other relaxes me.  We love playing board and card games.

11. Pandora Comedy

Listen to Pandora comedy channel.  Free jokes from famous comedians for free.

12.  Eat Chocolate

Not to much but just a little.  I prefer Dark Chocolate.

13.  Light Therapy

They have lamps for this in your office or work area.  But is is best to go outside get some fresh air and just stand in the sun when you can.

15.  Look At Nature

Try and go for a walk to see some trees.  If you can’t get to some nature, you can purchase some flowers for your desk.

16. Yoga

I did not realize the power of Yoga until I was 8 months pregnant.  It felt so good in a time of stress on my body.

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