2016 What a Great Year to Blog From Home

YouAreLoved4Hi Everyone!

I have been blogging for 6 years now.  Pretty crazy.  Every year I change what I do a little bit.  There are so many fun and different things to try.  Well after some thought, I decided to work more on Charlie the Cavalier books and other small children’s book.

This is was I am enjoying the most at this time.  So I am excited for what the next year will bring.  My friend over at All Four Love blog usually writes some yearly goals, so I thought I would make some too. Thanks Jen for the idea.  The goals of the Charlie the Cavalier books is to show kids that they are loved.  They are even loved when their parents are not with them and they have to do something for the first time without them.

If I have extra time around being a stay at home Mom and the Charlie books I hope to publish some short children’s books.

Goals for 2016

  • Read one of my books to 200 kids.
  • Give at least 200 new and used books away to kids that need them in Clinton County.
  • Publish 3 more Charlie the Cavalier books.  The first two are Charlie the Cavalier goes to the Zoo and Charlie the Cavalier Goes to the Farm.
  • Grow the Charlie the Cavalier social media following.
  • Oh and publish 120 more children’s books.  Maybe I should focus more on this and less on social media?

Fun goals, right?

This is our current and hopefully social media numbers.

Instagram – 129 Goal 2016- 350

Facebook– 400 Goal 2016- 600

Twitter– 95 Goal 2016-150

Google Plus– 3 Goal 2016- 50

Mailing List– 150 Goal 2016- 300

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