22 Things to Do Before You Travel

22 Things to do Before You travelHere is a list of things to do before you travel.  Have a great vacation!


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Charge everything.
Pick up needed cash including $1 for tips.
Pay bills.
Check weather.
Choose what you will pack for you trip in.
Pick up necessary items.
Get pet ready for sitters.
Stop mail.
Call credit card companies.
Remember to pack passports if needed.
Take out garbage.
Turn heating system to correct temperature.
Forward Travel Information to friends or family.
Renew medication if needed.
Take photos of important documents and medications.
Auto-response your email.
Have someone keep an eye on your house.
Unplug things in your house.
Remove things from your wallet that are not needed for the trip.
Take a picture of car spot information.
Choose seats on plane if needed.
Pay for bags that you are bringing ahead of time to save money.


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