5 Tips for Leaving Your Toddler Over Night

5 Tips for Leaving Your Toddler Over NightKids can have a hard time understanding what happens when loved ones travel. Where are they? When will they be back? How do I cope with missing them?

One way to handle these questions if by reading the Charlie the Cavalier Begs for attention book with your little one and then using the Charlie the Cavalier Puppet to video chat while someone is away.

Tips on how to help your child cope with loved ones traveling!

  • Teach your child about the emotional side to missing a friend Before you leave have a chat about where you are going, who is going to be there, and when you are coming home.
  • Stay Connected! Use video chatting to stay connected.  You may also talk on the phone.
  • Write Down Essentials For the Baby Sitter Writing down the important information about your baby’s routine: Let them know the baby’s schedule, how to put her to sleep, and their routine.
  • Try Not to Feel Guilty– Ditch the guilt and remember that having a few days all to yourself will probably make you a calmer, more relaxed mom in the long run. Dress up and go out or get some uninterrupted sleep while you are away.
  • A Gift a Day– Give your child a gift each day to let her remember you care.  Maybe a new book, a framed picture of the two of you (with a plastic frame), or a new shirt.  Something to make the child feel special each day.  The child can open the gift while video chatting.

Download your free Charlie the Cavalier Puppet at http://CharlieTheCavalier.com to video chat with your children while you are away.  Print one for you to bring along and one as a gift for your child.

Charlie the Cavalier book +hands on teaching tool to keep children engaged with loved ones


Charlie the Cavalier is a children’s book and printable puppet

who keeps children engaged while with others or during video chatting.

Illustrator: Magdalena Takáčová

Written By: Lisa Rusczyk

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