5 Tips for Playroom Organization

IMG_6713I have been adding and changing our little girls playroom for a couple months.  Since she was at her Grammys this weekend (Thanks Aunt Becky) I had some extra time for some finishing touches.  Hopefully these tips will help you organize a playroom on a budget.

I made this play tent in the corner with a hula hoop, old curtains and some string.  I then put her butterfly mobile in the center.

1. Put Found Objects Together


The small desk we made here was made from an egg crates my husband had before we started dating, a board left from my closet organization, and some baskets from dollar general.  She loves sitting at this desk and playing with her piano.

2. Create Art With Free PDFs or Calendar Pictures

I found these white frames on sales at Walmart.  You can then find free pdfs on pinterest or even use calendar pictures of scrap book paper.

These pictures are from the Charlie the Cavalier Book Charlie the Cavalier Begs for Attention and can be purchased on Etsy.  I had them printed at a local print shop and then added them to the frames.

3.  Less is More

If you check out this less is more toddler room post you can see what this room looked like before I donated many of the toys.  This room was the catch all for things in our house.  Our little one never played in the room with all these toys.  When I left only a few she loved to play in the room.  Less toys is more and sparks her imagination to use them in different ways.

4. Use Old Games as Art


I used the chutes and ladder and operation on the wall as art.  I found these games at the good will for $1.  They did not have all the pieces but it did not matter.  We can still play these games if we like by taking them off the wall.

Some other favorite toys are her shopping cart, drum, and her bilibo.

5. Display Favorite Books


We keep most of her books in a box but I like to display some of them for her to read on her own.  I switch some of the book weekly so she can read and learn from new books. Here is a post on some other book organization tips.

A few favorites are Gigi and her Girl, The Blue Baboon in the Big Balloon, and Charlie the Cavalier Begs for Attention which are all available on Amazon. You can win a paperback copy of Charlie the Cavalier Begs for Attention here.

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5 Tips for Playroom Organization

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