50 Things to Know Before Becoming a Stay at Home Mom: Tips Shared From a Real Life Stay at Home Mom

Stay at home momMany things change when you have a child in your life.  You may be thinking that becoming a stay at home Mom is the right choice for you and your family.  Understanding the ups and downs of what a stay at home Mom goes through from two stay at home Moms make help you make the big decision.  Being a stay at home Mom is not for everyone.  But each family gets to decide what works for them in the situation that they are currently in.  Changes may occur daily.  We hope you can benefit from this book.  We both feel very blessed to be in the situation that we are in to be stay at home Moms.



1.   Thinking About Work Will Happen

There are going to be days when you will wish that you were able to go to work.  Sometimes I think of how nice it would be to get out of the house and go to work.  The thought of leaving the house without the baby or kids is going to be something that is nice.

2.   Have A Long Term Goal Outside Of The Family

There are going to be times that you need to do something for you so have a long term goal outside of your family.  My main outlet is to blog.  While I am not doing the exact same work that I was doing before the baby, I love technology and teaching others.  I still found a way to do this.  Remember that you cannot be a mom 100% of the time and that doing other things is going to make you a better mom in the end.

3.   Exercise On A Regular Basis

Starting and keeping an exercise routine is very important and something that I believe in.  We both have worked hard to exercise and get back in shape after having babies.  Lisa did the Insanity DVDs and Amanda did the 30 Day Shred workouts through You Tube.  If our babies cried we both just paused and took care of the baby and came back to working out.  I have been checking my steps with my VivoSmart tracker.  You can check out my story about that here:  Do You Track Your Steps?

4.   Have a Schedule

Sometimes I love a schedule.  I could write every hour of the day down.  However there are times when we cannot stick to a schedule.  If you have a sick baby or if you need to do something out of the house your schedule is likely to change and you should be willing to roll with the flow.

5.  Have A Plan To Get Out Of The House

You cannot stay home all day every day.  You should get out of the house and be with others.  Attending church groups, women’s groups, mom’s groups, and play groups are great ways to be able to get out of the house with your little one.

6.  Stop Feeling Guilty When Talking To Working Moms

You are going to have times when you feel guilty saying that you are a stay at home to other moms who work. Stop feeling guilty.  Chances are you are making sacrifices that these moms are not willing to make to stay home with their babies.  There are days when stay at home moms are going to feel worthless because they start to lose themselves.  However your choice to be a stay at home mom should not make you feel guilty to anyone.

7.  Learn To Accept That There Will Be Less Money

It is going to feel odd when you leave your job and are no longer contributing as much money to the household income.  Of course you are going to likely have a very different lifestyle than what you had before.  Different weekend activities as a family, not going to the bar, and not eating out as often will help you to learn how to save some of the money that you are losing by staying home.

8.  Learn To Cut Back On Things That Cost Money

You will have to realize that you can not do as much as you did before that costs money.  You will not be able to buy new clothes, shoes, or high end handbags at often and in some cases there are luxuries that you will have to give up completely.  You will also have to stay home more and not do things like going out to lunch each day like you did when you worked.

9.   Find Ways To Provide Additional Income

If you are stressed about money and want to find a way to be able to contribute there are some options available.  We are both lucky to be able to write and do things that we once enjoyed as a hobby for additional income.  However if you are not the type of person that this is easy for then there are some things that will help you with being able to earn an income staying home.  Look for options that are tailored to your interests and the time that you have available. Amazon Associates is one way to do this. Self-Publishing is another great way to make extra income.  Here is my book on self publishing: 50 Things to Know to Self Publish a Book.

10.  Look For A Mom’s Group

Being around and interacting with other moms is going to be very important to you.  Make sure that you find other moms to be around.  The stories and encouragement that you can get from other moms is unlike anything that you can elsewhere and something that can be a huge benefit to you.

11.  Realize Your Friends Might Change

Your old friends may change because you are a mom now.  You are still going to need to interact with people outside of the house.  Talking with other adults is very important for you.  So stop checking Facebook all day long and make sure to plan things with the friends that you have had for years.

12.  Get Help From Time To Time

Sometimes you will need time off.  A family member or friend can help you.  You do not need to be 100% stay at home mom all of the time.  You can get a part time job if staying home is too hard for you.  Remember the quote, “it takes a whole village to raise a child” and quit putting so much pressure on yourself to do everything 100% of the time.

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