50 Things to Know About Budget Fashion: Staying on Top of the Latest Trends and Styles without Breaking the Bank

budgetfashionShopping is something that nearly every woman loves.  The problem for many women is that they cannot afford to buy the things that they want and end up feeling depressed or angry that they have to choose something less.  In addition they end up jealous that others can  afford these things.

This does not have to happen.  In fact every woman out there can dress on trend while saving money, having the style that they desire, and being able to look great every day.  It can happen and it will with these great tips that will show you how.

Never again will you have to be envious of someone else’s wardrobe.  Instead they can be envious of yours.  Best of all you will be able to do all of this shopping without breaking the bank and while sticking to any budget that you might have.

1.  Make a Complete Inventory of Your Clothing

Most people have no idea what they really have in their closets.  Instead of shopping blindly and looking for items that will match what you have, keep an inventory of everything in your closet.  There are some apps that will allow you to photograph all of your clothing and look at what will work with different items and can even allow you to photograph items while you shop and see if they will pair well together.

2.   Plan Shopping Trips in Advance

Instead of going blindly into the stores, plan your shopping before you go.  Plan where you will shop, what you will shop for, how long you will be there, and the maximum amount of money that you will spend.  Have items that you would like to purchase itemized into categories and in a list that puts the ones you need most first.

3.  Remember Even Items on Sale Cost Money

Sales can be very tempting but the best thing that you can do is make sure that you do not purchase items unless you need them regardless of how much they cost or how much you are saving.  The best way to figure out how to shop the sales racks is to only purchase items that you need no matter how good of a deal it is.  Remember if it is happening once it is going to happen again and that sales are something you do not have to be ready for.

4.  Avoid Salespeople while Shopping

Sales people are in the stores to sell you things.  When you allow them to help you they will try to show you things that cost more, avoid showing you the cheapest options, and will try to sell you additional items that you do not need.  Instead of asking for help, politely decline and find things on your own.

5.  Do Not Purchase Expensive Trendy Pieces

Trends are something that will not stay in style for long.  Instead of trying to find name brand trendy pieces look for the cheaper options that are similar.  Things like scarves, necklaces, and bracelets can be purchased for less than $5 and can still look just as great as something that cost $100.

6.  Do Not Shop When You are Emotional

If you are sad, angry, or upset you should not be shopping.  Do not shop for things when you are emotional as you will end up with things that you do not need.  Instead wait until you are in a good mood and happy and you will spend less money.

7.  Go Shopping Alone Rather than with Friends

Many women think that shopping trips with their friends is a great idea.  I have a wide band gold belt that I’ve never worn to remind me otherwise.  Instead of shopping with your friends shop on your own and you will be less likely to purchase things on impulse.

8.  Pick a Time to Shop that Works for You

It is important to shop at a time that is going to work well for you and your needs.  The best way to do this is by choosing to shop when you have something afterwards.  This will keep you from spending unnecessary time looking at things that you do not need.

9.  Never Spend Unnecessary Time Shopping

Do not ever spend time shopping when you have no where to go.  It is never a good idea to have unnecessary time in the stores because shopping and purchasing new items is fun.  Choosing the right time and only shopping on a set time line can help you to save money.

10.  Choose to Shop with Cash

Take cash with you when you shop.  This does not mean to use your debit card but instead to have paper money on hand and to only shop with it.  Actually it is a good idea to leave charge cards and debit cards at home or in a stashed place in the card to use in case of an emergency.

11.  Make a List before Shopping

Before you decide to go shopping, have a list ready of what you need.  This list should include clothing items, accessories, and shoes.  It should include anything that you would like as well as anything that you need.

12.  Set a Price Limit on each Item on the List

Make sure that you budget out a reasonable price for the items that you have put on this list.  Budgeting out a price that is reasonable will help you stick to a set amount of money and spend less overall.  This can save you a considerable amount of money as well.

13.  Look for Stylish Steals

There are many great stylish finds that will not cost you a ton of money.  Look at off brands and even at discount stores like Wal Mart or Target for basic items.  Things like t-shirts and tank tops can be picked up without having a to spend a lot of money which can add up big in the end.

14.  Know the Latest Discount Stores

Everyone knows about some stores like Target, Old Navy, and Payless but not everyone knows about the newest stores.  Check out the new stores that pop up online or in your area that offer discount clothing.  Some of the best ones to consider online are Make Me Chic and Shop Belina which both offer great sales.

15.  Know Someone Who Can Tailor Your Clothes

A good tailor can help change cheap clothes into fabulous clothes.  The biggest reason that something looks expensive is usually because it fits right.  If you can hire someone at a reasonable price to make your clothes fit right then you can save hundreds buying clothes that might not fit right in the beginning.

To read all 50 Tips please read 50 Things to Know About Budget Fashion: Staying on Top of the Latest Trends and Styles without Breaking the Bank by Amanda Walton.    I encourage you to borrow the book for free with Amazon Prime




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