50 Things to Know About Going on a Date on Budget: Have Great Nights Out Even When You are Short on Cash

date on a budget2I wondered what happened when you offered yourself to someone, and they opened you, only to discover you were not the gift they expected and they had to smile and nod and say thank you all the same.

Dating is something that is important for any couple especially those that are part of a long term relationship.  However far too often couples that are married or living together are preoccupied with paying the bills and never have the extra money that they think is needed to have a date.  So instead they fall into a pattern of doing the same thing and never spending time alone doing something special.

 There are many different reasons that dating is a great idea even when you have been with someone for a long period of time.  One of these is you will want to be able to reconnect and share together in the way that you do when you are having a good time alone.  Additionally you need that time away from the stress of the everyday and life’s struggles to help you know that things will be okay.

 Having regular date nights on a budget is possible.  There are a lot of inexpensive and cheap choices that can be fun for you and your partner that do not cost a lot.  Choosing different options for how you can spend time together is one way to continue to increase your bond as a couple.

1.  Check Out Local Art Schools

Local art schools are a great place to discover new up and coming artists and to be able to plan a great date night.  You can find art shows and exhibits from the artists who are attending the school that are free.  Plus there are sometimes great pieces of art for sale at very affordable prices.  Finding the right time to go these schools is easy when you look at their websites.  Going as a date can be fun and you can play art critic and observer with your partner.

2.  Look at Unique Architecture Close to Home

There are a lot of different and unique choices throughout the world where you can go and look at beautiful architecture.  Chances are that there is some great pieces of architecture where you live and that you will be able to find something close to home to explore on a date.  Visit these places and take sketch pads or paper to draw them.  Take a camera and work on your photography skills or just enjoy looking at the beauty of them.

3.  Check Out a Local Walking Tour

Many cities and towns have a walking tour available on their websites with maps that will help you navigate through the town’s rich history.  You might even live in a town that has it’s own tour.  Finding out about the tours available close to you can offer you choices for some great date nights that are fun and might even leave you with a little knowledge that you did not have before.

4.  Become a Model at a Hair School

Being a model at a hair school is something that will help you to get a new haircut, color, or style.  You will leave the school feeling great.  Doing this as a date can help you bond with your partner and see them in a completely new light.  This will allow you to fall in love with them all over again.

5.  Go to a Live Performance at a Coffee Shop

Many coffee shops feature live local talent on a special night each week.  Check out the schedules for coffee shops in your area to see what talent is playing.  Find a local artist that you would like to see perform and go to the coffee shop that night to check them out.

6.  Check Out an Open Mike Night

Bars and pubs throughout the world have open mike nights.  These are free nights to go and check out live music performed by a wide variety of local talent.  This is a great way to find new acts and performers that you like seeing.  You will be able to figure out what you like and who you can go see perform at other times.

7.  Visit a Local Comedy Club

Local comedy clubs often offer great cheap choices for a date night.  You will find that there are many different performers that might be coming and you might even be able to see national headlining acts.  Many people do not realize how inexpensive tickets are to local comedy clubs and they are a great way to go out, have a great laugh together, and really enjoy yourself.

8.  Make a Great Home Cooked Meal

Think of your favorite food in any restaurant.  Now think of your partner’s.  Find a recipe matching website that offers choices that are similar and cook these meals at home.  Enjoying a delicious high quality home cooked meal can be romantic and will save a ton of money in comparison to going out to eat.

9.  Rent a Movie

Renting a movie is a favorite cheap date night for many.  This allows you to see something new and enjoy some down time with your partner.  You can watch any type of movie that you might be interested in and maybe even find a new actor, actress, or director that you love.

10.   Order Pizza and Get a Good Bottle of Wine

There are great pizza specials available for you to pick from.  Choosing a cheap pizza is a great way to enjoy a meal that you do not have to stress over cooking.  Pair your pizza with a great bottle of wine to have a romantic and relaxing date night in your own home.


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date on a budget2

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