50 Things to Know to Live a Raw Vegan Lifestyle: Eating and Living for Heath and Energy

Vegan LifestyleLet your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.

A raw vegan diet is a diet that is highly effective in helping you to achieve your optimal health.  It is believed that eating raw foods will help to keep dangerous chemicals from forming in the cooking process.  Many others believe that they can gain significant spiritual growth through the diet as well.

 This diet aims at helping to look at food as a way of life and learning how different foods can drastically improve life for you.  If you are eating raw vegan there are good chances that you will be sick less, have fewer digestive issues and struggles, and even feel better all around.  Your mood will improve and you will have more energy too.

 Being raw vegan is a kind way of life for animals too.  You will protect some animals from the harmful fate, abuse, and torture that they face at the hands of the meat and dairy industries.  Choosing vegan means that you will not be consuming any animal products at all.

1.  Go Shopping

When you first are considering becoming raw vegan there are many things that you will need.  You will have to find fresh foods and you will need to be willing to go to the store on a more frequent basis so that you can purchase your main foods frequently.  Remember that being raw means that none of the foods that you eat are heated above a specific temperature.

2.  Clean Out Your Pantry

Make sure that you clean out all of the temptations that you have in your pantry before you try going raw.  It is a very hard dietary change and if you have temptations you are more likely to fail.  This does not mean to get rid of things that others in your household love but to get rid of the things that you love.

3.  Stock the Panty

Find healthy alternatives that are raw and vegan to have on hand in the pantry for when things get tough.  You will have cravings for certain foods and you should look for alternatives so that you can keep on track.  Stocking the pantry is a great way to help yourself stay on track.

4.  Prepare Yourself

Before you start with being full on raw vegan you should prepare yourself.  Check out different raw vegan foods and products and try them ahead of time.  Make sure that you are ready and know what you like before hand so that you can jump right in.

5. Try Different Foods

Be willing to try many different things.  Do not think automatically that you will not like something because you might not have liked it before.  There are things that your taste buds might have become accustomed to but over time after you start eating raw it is very likely that your taste buds are going to change.

6. Be Willing to Make Your Own

If you do not live in a major city the likelihood of finding prepared raw vegan products is going to be small.  However this does not mean that you can not do it.  You will just have to be prepared and willing to make them on your own.

7. Plan Your Meals

It is very important that you be able to plan your meals.  This does not mean that you will have to prepare the meals exactly as you have them listed but it does give you a guide of what to loosely follow.  Plan to take meals or snacks with you when you are going to be in situations that are tough for you.

8. Find Satisfying Substitutes for Your Favorites

Before you get started make a list of the different foods that you love.  Once you know what these favorite foods are make a list of different replacement foods.  Prior to going raw vegan make sure that you taste these and check them out to make sure that they will kill the cravings for you.

9. Learn Everything You Can

Going raw vegan is hard and something that you will have to research and understand completely before diving right in.  Make sure that you can answer basic questions about the diet.  Know where you will get your protein from, what you will be eating for meals, and why you are choosing this path.

10. Be Prepared to Educate Others

Many people find eating raw vegan to be something that is negative and not something that they would ever even think about or consider.  If you are thinking about making this your own lifestyle you should be able to educate others about the choices you are making.  Be prepared to answer their questions and to explain what you can and can not eat.


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