50 Things to Know to Have a Simple and Balanced Life at Home and Work: Keep Yourself from Experiencing Burnout from Trying to do Too Much

balanced life at home and workTo find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth.

Too many women and men find themselves struggling to do it all.  Between work, the kids, and trying to maintain a family there is little time left for oneself.  Learning the delicate balance that one needs to have the most success and happiness in their life is unique to each individual and two are rarely the same.

 With so many people putting in longer hours at the office trying to get ahead it seems that other areas of life start to suffer.  Many people do not know how to still have fun doing the things that they used to enjoy once they are working and trying to manage a family.  Each of these tips is aimed at helping you to find balance in your work and home life to have the most success.

 So many times people find themselves struggling to do it all and end up feeling overwhelmed and often times like they are failing.  Instead of learning how one can prioritize they end up trying to simply do too much.  They never leave things where they are and focus completely on one thing at a time.  Learning the skills that are needed for success with home and work is hard but something everyone can figure out if they know the right tools.

1.  Have a Plan Be Prepared

If you are going to wear multiple hats in life then it is going to be very important that you are able to be successful in those areas.  It can be hard when you are over committed to things and at times it can be overwhelming.  However with the right plans and knowledge you can relax and begin enjoying more of your life.  Have a plan and be prepared for the things that you have to accomplish.

2.  Be Okay with Saying No

Too many times people, especially parents, find themselves saying yes to everything and then feeling like they can not be great at anything because they simply have too much to do.  Be okay with saying no to something.  Evaluate what you are going to get out of something and if it is not going to be enjoyable then choose to step back and say no to participating.

3.  Learn Time Management

Time management skills are very hard to acquire.  It can be hard to learn how to get multiple things done when there are only twenty four hours in the day.  When you learn how to best manage your time you will have the ability of knowing what you can get done as well as how you get it done during your day.  Learn how long different activities or duties take and properly prepare for them.

4.  Never Feel Guilty

Choosing to work does not make you a bad mom or wife.  Do not feel guilty for having a job.  Likewise you can be a successful career woman regardless of if you have a family or not.  Do not allow others to make you feel guilty for anything that you choose to do in your life.

5. Do Not Try Too Many Errands

Errands and appointments can quickly become overwhelming and eat up your time.  Try to find ways to combine different appointments and focus on errands one at a time.  Trying too many errands can make it impossible to get done what you need to get done.

6. Interview Childcare Providers

Take time to interview different childcare providers.  Do not assume that because someone else is happy somewhere that you are going to be.  Also do not assume that because a childcare center is open that it will be the same.  Visit different centers and talk to different providers.  Take the time to question them about the things that are most important to you so you know which provider will best meet your child’s needs.

7. Make Sure You Feel Comfortable with Childcare

If you are uncomfortable with a childcare provider you should not take your child there.  You will not be able to focus on your work or anything else the same as when you have a provider that you love and are comfortable with.  It is essential that you be able to feel comfortable with the childcare option that you pick.

8. Do Not Feel Afraid to Fire Childcare that You Are not Happy with

If something happens with your childcare provider that you are not happy with and you no longer feel comfortable leaving your children there then you should find somewhere else.  Do not feel afraid to tell the provider that you will no longer be using them or that you are not happy with the services that were provided.  Be honest if you no longer feel comfortable or safe sending your child there.

9. Stay Moving

Once you are up and moving it is a great idea to keep moving.  If you stop there is a good chance that you will not be as motivated to get moving the second time.  Stay moving throughout your day and you will be surprised at how quickly you will be able to get work done, both in the office and at home.

10. Have a Morning Routine

Mornings can be crazy and hectic for anyone especially those who are trying to successfully balance a work and home life.  If you have many different hats that you are trying to wear make sure that you have a morning routine to help keep you in line.  Have everything ready to go the night before and be prepared with what you are going to make for breakfast and what you are going to wear.  Have things prepared for your children as well.


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balanced life at home and work

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