50 Things to Know to have a Successful Date Night: How to Create Perfect Moments with the One That You Love

successful date nightI’m about to make a wild, extreme, and severe relationship rule:  the word busy is a load of crap and is most often used by assholes.  The word ‘busy’ is the relationship Weapon of Mass Destruction.  It seems like a good excuse, but in fact in every silo you uncover, all you’re going to find is a man who didn’t care enough to call.  Remember men are never too busy to get what they want.

 Date nights are important.  It does not matter if you have just started dating or if you have been married for years and are just trying to stay connected.  Dates are a great way to get those special moments with that special someone and to really be able to enjoy yourself and reconnect.

 Many people fall into the trap of no longer having dates.  They plan “date nights” at home and end up just doing the same things that they would every other night.  Dates do not have to be elaborate but they should take you away from the daily bump and grind and get you into a special state of mine.

Finding the right places to go is easy.  You can spend a little on a date, a lot, or honestly spend no money at all.  There are many great ideas for you to be able to have a perfect night and by following these tips each date that you have can be special.


1.  Be Fully Present

When you are on a date you should be thinking about your date.  Do not allow your mind to wonder elsewhere so that you do not seem fully present.  The person that you are dating could misread this as you not really being interested in them or what they have to say.  Focus completely on your date and be mindful of what they are doing and saying.

2.  Think Outside of the Box

Stop going on the same dates all of the time.  If you are married there can be a time that comes when you are in such a routine with life that your date nights become routine as well.  There are many things that you can do when you think outside of the box but remember that you do not want to think too far outside of the box.

3.  Allow Your Creativity to Flow

A creative date is a great way to have a lot of fun and think outside of the box.  You can plan any number of activities but going to a pottery place or an art studio where you can paint together is a great idea.  If there are not any places like this where you live then you can even buy some paints, paint brushes, and canvases and go to a great location where it will be fun to paint.

4.  Learn to Completely Relax

Relaxation is key when you are out on a date.  Learn how to relax with the person that you are with.  If you act overly nervous it can come across as anxiety and you might end up making your date feel uncomfortable or like you are not that into them.

5.  Plan Ahead of Time

Planning your date ahead of time is very important.  Make sure that you think about the different details.  Keep things simple and do not over think but if your date needs to have a special type of shoes or something for the date make sure that you tell them ahead of time.

6.  Make Reservations

Making reservations is important if you want to go to certain restaurants or if you want to attend certain events.  Being able to have reservations also will make your date feel special and like you were planning and thinking about them to plan these dates.  Reservations  can be hard to come by at certain locations so really take the time to plan ahead.

7.  Think About Who You Want to Impress

When you go on a date you are probably going to be trying to impress a special someone.  If you are going to be trying to impress someone make sure that you think about what they will love during the date.  Making sure to think about this person will help you pick the right things to impress them the most.

8.  Find Out What Your Area Has to Offer

It is not going to matter where you live there is going to be something special that you can do there.  You will even be able to find something great in small towns so do not hesitate to get creative.  Think about what makes your area special and plan a date that is based on that.

9.  Be Willing to Try Something New

Trying something new together is a great way that an established couple can grow.  Be wiling to take the time to try something new so that the two of you can enjoy your time together.  This can be something that you have always wanted to try or something that you know your other half has always dreamed of doing.

10. Pick the Right Time

Knowing the right time of day to go on a date is important.  Picking the right time if you are dating someone new can be a lot of pressure.  If you are an established couple you might find a date that is at a different time can add a new element or allow you to have something new that you did not have before.


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successful date night

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