50 Things to Know About Traveling with a Baby: How You Can Have a Great Vacation and Enjoy Your Time as a Family

Travel-with-a-babyTraveling can be one of the most enjoyable and amazing experiences in life.  It can allow you to see a new place, learn new customs, and even celebrate a new part of yourself that you did not know existed.  However if you are trying to travel with a baby there are some things that you might not expect and your trip might not be as exciting or fun as what you’d hoped.

 To be able to travel with a baby and make it easier on yourself there are many things that you should consider and this book will offer all of those tips to you.  There are tips for helping you on a plane, in an airport, when you are staying away, and with knowing what to pack.  By choosing to read these tips you will be able to travel with your baby with ease.

 You do not have to be worried about being that parent that looks stressed out and unhappy when heading home from their trip.  Instead you will know how to manage things for your little one to keep his or her environment as normal as possible helping them to transition to their new surroundings with ease.  Plus you will have things that you likely had not thought about pointed out that can really help things go well.

1.  Pack Baby Clothes in a Shoe Rack

Use a shoe rack to pack your baby’s clothes.  You will find that there is a spot available for each day.  Packing 3 changes of clothes, 3 travel bibs, and food for each day will be easy when you can put it together in one spot.  If you mix your clothes with your baby’s clothes they will be harder to find when you need them.  Packing the little clothes in a separate bag can make them much easier to find and help keep them all together.

2.  Do Not Bring Too Many Diapers

Take the time a day or two before leaving to count the diapers that you baby uses during that day.  Bring the amount of diapers that you need for the number of days that you are gone and a few extras.  Swim diapers and wipes are a necessity as well.

3.  Pack Baby Food in Multiple Containers

Packing all of your baby’s food or formula in one container can end in disaster.  There was once a story that I became aware of where a woman spilled all of her baby’s formula on the floor while on a cruise.  Instead of taking a chance like this keep multiple different smaller containers of your baby’s food so you never have to worry about not having it for him or her.  If you are breast feeding and packing pumped milk do the same thing with it and pack in different bags.

4.  Pack a Traveling High Chair

With an older baby it is important to have a place to feed him or her.  A folding high chair will give you the ability to feed your baby anywhere even inside of your hotel room and make him or her feel just like they were at home.  Today there are more choices for high chairs that actually tie to any chair making them easy to fold and pack along.

5. Bring Easy to Pack Toys

Bring toys with you on your trip that are flat and easy to carry.  If you are going on a cruise, stacking cups are great for on the ship and at the beach.  Rings that have other toys attached make it easy to keep from losing toys since you can easily hook these onto the stroller or baby carrier.

6. Plan a Sleeping Place

When taking a cruise or traveling to some hotels you might be able to use a pack n play that they already have.  Asking ahead of time and guaranteeing that getting one is not a problem is essential in making sure that your baby has a place to sleep at night.  If you are not staying somewhere with a pack n play and yours is too big to bring along there are some other traveling beds that are much smaller and perfect in size to take along with you wherever you might go.

7. Prepare for Bath Time

It is important that you remember your baby’s soap.  Aside from that some parents feel more comfortable using a collapsible baby bath tub while others are fine with the sink or the shower.  Do what you feel most comfortable and make sure that you are prepared for that method of giving your baby a bath while you are gone.

8. Remember Your Must Haves

Each baby has certain things that he or she prefers to have with them from time to time.  Some babies have special things to sleep with and others have special toys to play with.  Remembering these must haves is a great way to help baby feel comfortable in the new surroundings.

9. Remember the Sound Machine

If your baby sleeps with a sound machine at home it is likely that he or she is going to expect that sound machine when you are away.  If you do not pack the sound machine there is a good chance that baby is not going to sleep as well which means that you will get less sleep too.  While a sound machine might sound like something silly to pack it really can help you to have a lot of well rested nights.

10. Pack Your Baby’s Medicine Cabinet

One of the things that I personally use is a small tackle box where I keep all of our baby medicine items.  This includes tylenol, teething gel, a thermometer, and basic first aid supplies.  While traveling you might not be able to find what you usually use and with a baby you never know when they might not be feeling their best.


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