50 things to know when travelling around Australia

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 Australia is a country famous for its natural beauty and is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Like it is the case while travelling to any other country or location, in order to enjoy your travel in Australia, it is always advised to find the things that you would like to do there and also get in touch with the right people for assistance during your travel and stay. The article below lists out 50 important things that you should know when travelling to Australia.

Places to visit and things to do
Tip 1 – Plan your visit to the Uluru (Also known as Ayers Rock) in such a way that you do not miss the sunrise and sunset there; it’s absolutely breathtaking.

Tip 2 – The Great Barrier Reef is famous for its marine life. If you are fine with diving, then you should definitely plan for that as it is an amazing experience. Otherwise at least plan for a snorkeling.

Tip 3 – Go hiking in the world’s oldest rain forest. Plan to reach the Cape Tribulation to enjoy some peace and calm.

Tip 4 – Visit the lovely sand beaches in Australia. Rather than exploring them on your own, you can book the popular 3 day and 2 night sailing trips to see and enjoy the most beautiful and mesmerizing sand islands in the world.

Tip 5 – If you love doing adventure sports, then do plan for the Fraser Island. This wonderful place is extremely popular among the locals and is considered best for doing activities like camping, lake swimming and hiking.

Tip 6 – Once you are in Sydney, do not miss the chance to hire a catamaran and go sailing in the Sydney Harbour.

Tip 7 – Go on a Wine tour and taste the Aussie wine directly from the source. You can even cycle around the vineyard which is a much cheaper option.

Tip 8 – Go to Western Australia and explore the outback to see the crocodiles, red desert, valleys and lakes. It’s truly an amazing experience, so it’s a must thing to do.

Tip 9 – Visit the Featherdale Wildlife Park, cuddle a koala and take a memorable picture with it for free.

Tip 10 – If you are an entertainment freak, then visiting the Adelaide Entertainment Centre should be on your list of things to do.

Tip 11 – Drive along the spectacular Ocean Road in Victoria. It is one of the popular surf coasts and is a host to many deserted beaches. In addition, you will also be able to view the spectacular 12 Apostles.

Tip 12 – Go the Ningaloo Reef and enjoy a swim with the world’s largest species of fish – the whale sharks for a truly adventurous experience.

Tip 13 – Melbourne is one of the most relaxed places in Australia. Walk through the big lush green gardens and relax yourself.

Tip 14 – If you are passionate about good drinking, visit Perth to enjoy the popular Australian tradition of Sunday Sessions.

Tip 15 – Visit the Gold Coast in Brisbane to learn and enjoy the famous Australian surfing.

Tip 16 – Visit Tasmania to enjoy the beautiful bays, hikes and wonderful people.

Tip 17 – Enjoy a 20-minute tour of Haigh’s chocolate factory Visitor Centre in Adelaide.

Tip 18 – Southern end of the Gold coast is well known for its theme parks. Take your kids along and enjoy the fun rides.

Tip 19 – Do plan to visit the lovely Botanical Gardens of Sydney.

Tip 20 – If you love shopping, then take a stroll in the Queen Victoria’s market to view a lovely collection of food, clothing, home ware and art.

Useful money saving tips

Tip 21 – If you are in Australia for a long trip, then having a cheap mobile connection is very useful. Go for Telstra or the Vodafone PAYG sim card, as they offer a great coverage throughout the country at affordable rates.

Tip 22 – Plan to cook most of your meals as eating out in a restaurant is very costly in Australia.

Tip 23 – Even if you want to eat out, then plan to eat out the lunch because lunch buffets are generally cheaper in Australia than the dinners.

Tip 24- Doing all the activities on your own can turn out to be a costly affair. Instead book your tours as packages that are generally more affordable.

Tip 25 – Internet is extremely expensive in Australia, so always look to surf the internet in the free Wi-Fi zones like McDonald’s and other famous eat-out joints.

Tip 26 – For travelling around Australia use the public transport. Get passes for the public transport as passes are generally 50 – 70 % cheaper.

Tip 27 – Instead of buying a new water bottle every time, you can refill your bottles for free from the public bubblers that have been installed at various convenient locations.

Tip 28 – If you are planning to drive on your own in Australia, then avoid over speeding as the speeding tickets are generally very costly.

Tip 29 – While driving around any city, take a note of the various free parking zones and other useful parking signs. You can really save a lot of money.

Tip 30 – There are days in a week, when the government offers petrol for cheaper price. Make a note of these days and plan to refuel your car only on those days.

Tip 31 – Do not throw away the receipts you receive from stores after doing shopping. You will normally find coupons for free petrol or other useful items at the back of these receipts.

Tip 32 – Most of the towns in Australia have the famous RSL club; make a note of them as they offer some cheap and cheerful meals.

Tip 33 – Plan to eat out at the shopping mall food courts as they offer the generally expensive meals at a fraction of the cost.

Other general and safety tips          

Tip 34 – Reach Australia and dial 000 to get a list of all the emergency numbers that you might require while you are in this country.

Tip 35 – While you are in the wildlife, be extremely careful of the various deadly creatures that Australia is host to.

Tip 36 – Carry sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the Australian sun.

Tip 37 – Almost all the major streets of various cities have tourist maps on the information stands. Get hold of them to get information on things to see and do locally.

Tip 38 – Install the AroundMe app in your mobile phone to know about the useful locations that are available in your close vicinity.

Tip 39 – Always use the registered taxi service for safe travelling.

Tip 40 – Be well informed about the various taxes like the GST, which refunds 10% of the total price of all the goods while leaving Australia.

Tip 41 – Make sure that you store your valuable documents (passport copies, cheques etc) safely.

Tip 42 – Download and install the Next Flight App to help you book the next available flight, in case you miss a flight.

Tip 43 – Make a note of the Australian customs and laws so that you can interact well with the locals and do not get into any legal issues.

Tip 44 – While travelling pay attention to the speed limits and speed cameras around the school zone.

Tip 45 – Be well informed about the various local transport options available in each of the Australian cities.

Tip 46 – HearPlanet is an app which informs you about the major attractions located near you.

Tip 47 – Be well aware of the things that you can do with the visa using which you are entering into Australia to avoid any legal issues.

Tip 48 – In case you are entering Australia within six days after visiting a yellow fever country, then you need to get the yellow fever vaccination done.

Tip 49 – Climatic conditions vary from one location to the other within Australia. So if you are on a long vacation and plan to visit the whole of Australia, keep all kinds of clothing handy with you.

Tip 50 – If you are planning for an adventurous trip to Australia, then get yourself insured. Make sure that all the sports that you plan to do are covered in the policy that you chose.

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