Life of a mother revolves around her child. Life of a passionate professional revolves around their work. Life of a working mom revolves around guilt and everyday dilemmas.

She has to choose between the two things she loves the most, every day. She wonders and looks around for answers all the time. And then she wonders, is there an answer? Does anyone know the answer?

Yes, there is. The answer is not around. It’s within. And only she knows the answer for herself. She just needs to know how to discover those answers..

  1.  There are no rewards for being a superwoman

The responsibilities of a working mom can get overwhelming. It helps if you build physical as well as an emotional support system at home as well as at work. Attempting to be a superwoman is not the best idea and seeking help doesn’t make you weak.

I have had immense support from my mother and mother-in-law. My mother-in-law stays with us to support us in raising our son. At times, when she has other commitments, my mom comes to stay with us. Other relatives have also extended their help to us. I am eternally grateful to them for the support they have extended. My husband is also unconditionally supportive in my role as a mother and appreciates my passion for my profession. At the workplace, I seek support from my manager as well as my team. I have colleagues and friends at the workplace who listen to me patiently and extend their help in every possible way. My friends from college are in touch with me and keep encouraging me to do well in life.

This whole support system backs me up.

  1. Invest in Relationships


As a working mom, do not let your relationships take a backseat. Find ways to spend time with your dearest cousin, your best friends and your loved ones. It will only strengthen you and your support system. More importantly, it will energize you to put your best into everything.

When one of my best friends was getting married, my son was not even one-year old. To attend her wedding, I needed to travel to another city. I could not have taken my son along as I had to go alone, nor was it possible to let him stay overnight without me. There also was an important meeting in office the same day. I planned an early morning flight to meet her and all my friends a day before her wedding and came back the same day. It was really great to connect back with all my friends and experience a different me with them.

In an another instance, my mother-in-law had to travel for a week long commitment and I applied for leave to be with my son in her absence. As soon as I planned my leave, I realized it is an opportunity for me to spend quality time with some close people. I told my sister and my close cousins about my planned leave. One of my cousins, who is one of my best friends too, planned her leave at the same time to spend time with me. The others came over for a couple of days. I had a great bonding time with my loved ones.

  1. Build your Inner Strength

Learn about simple meditation exercises by doing some research on the internet and practice meditation every day. A 10-minute meditation ritual every morning can work wonders for you. It will keep you centered, mindful and sane the rest of the day. It will also keep you focused and help you deal better with everyday dilemmas.

There are many mobile Applications with guided meditation audios, relaxation music and sleep stories. You can download any one and start your practice. If you pray every morning, even that is a form of meditation. Once you practice this for a few days, you will experience the super power it gives you. You will crave to spend more time meditating. Even in the office, while moving from one meeting to other or switching between tasks, take a 2-minute mindful break and just observe your breath, your thoughts and feelings gently. You will be more effective in the next task or meeting.

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Author Bio:

Sakshi is an HR professional and is currently working as a Senior Manager at Aditya Birla Group, an Indian Multinational Corporation. She is experienced in Business Partnering, Leadership Development and Change Management; and is skilled in Design Thinking, Content Development and Facilitation. Her family includes her husband and her 1.5-year-old son Joey.

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