50 Things to Know About Curly Hair

ID-10099858Curly hair can create quite a struggle. It generally is uncooperative, knotty, frizzy and a general pain to work with.

In saying all that curly hair is also unusual and interesting people often are mesmerized by the spirals falling from ones head, if you know what you’re doing you can successfully embrace the curls and rock your natural hairdo. It’s all about the products.

Unfortunately I couldn’t think of 50 curly hair care related tips but I do have 32 very useful tips and tricks to help you embrace the curls.

1. Learn Your Hair Type:
You’re probably thinking “I know I have curly hair, that’s why I’m here”, But I want you to be a little bit more specific, we already know you have type “C” which then breaks up into C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 each number you go up, the curlier your hair is, for example I have type C3 hair which is tight-ish curls, with not too much frizz. Knowing your hair type is important for when you are looking for the right products. A hairdresser or a quick Google search can tell you your hair type.
2. Get To Know Your Hair:
Now that you know what type of hair you have its time that you got to know your hair, personally. Is it very damaged or really healthy, is it prone to frizz, lacking volume, very dry or greasy (which would be unusual for curly hair but a blessing)These are things you will need to figure out in order to know what will work for you, the only way to know that is through product trial and error.
3. See What Works For Others:
Watch videos on Youtube or read blog posts where other people talk about what products work well for them. (Here is a blog post on some of my favourite products http://marzi-says.blogspot.ie/2013/06/curly-hair-care-products-i-love.html) There are so many different products out there it’s a good way to figure out which ones are most effective and from then on its slightly less trial and error.
4. Give Them A Chance:
Don’t give up on a product just because after one wash it didn’t restore your hair to its original luster, I recommend giving hair products a good 2-3 week trial period, It may take a while but you will find a favourite.
5. Don’t Limit Your Search to Your Local Area:
Don’t be afraid to order products online from places like Amazon, they can be cheaper sometimes and you might find things you wouldn’t get at the local shop.
6. Browse The Salon:
You know the way your hair always feels amazing after the hairdresser has washed it, why not have that everyday ? I have seen people buying shampoo, conditioner and other products from salons, don’t be afraid to ask if you can buy some of their products or at least if they can tell you where they get it, if you don’t ask you won’t get!
7. If You’re Stuck Ask The Professionals:
Don’t be afraid to ask your hairdresser for tips, products and styles they recommend for your hair (If you can ask a hairdresser with similar hair to your own) .
8. Heat Is The Enemy:
Try not to use too much heat on your hair and when you do use heat ALWAYS use a heat protectant. Heat is very damaging for curly hair.
9. Feed Your Hair:
Hair needs nourishments, try to make sure your taking in enough vitamins and minerals for your hair. I know eating healthy can be difficult but there are some amazing vitamins you can buy in the drug store for not only hair but skin and nails too, just talk to someone who works in the drug store they should be able to advise you on which one is most suitable for you.
10. Don’t Over Wash Your Hair:
Curly hair generally isn’t greasy and is usually dry. Washing your hair too often will strip your hair of it’s natural oils and leave it dry. I recommend every 3-4 days depending on how knotty your hair gets.
11. Avoid Tying Your Hair Up:
Try to keep your hair down as much as possible, hair ties (especially elastic ones with a metal piece) put unnecessary strain on your hair causing breakage, If you often tie your hair up I recommend a fabric hair tie or scrunchie because they are much less damaging than elastic hair ties.
12. Deep Condition:
Deep Conditioner is a must for curly hair, If you have dry hair, I recommend deep conditioning once every 2 weeks (every 3 weeks for less dry hair).
13. Take Caution When Getting Your Hair Cut:
If you are about to get your hair cut up short think about it carefully, know the speed your hair grows at, because curly hair coils it can grow very very slowly, If you think you might regret chopping your locks find ways to pin up your hair to give the illusion of short hair and see how it look, don’t chop it unless your 100% sure .
14. Look For Hair Inspiration:
It’s everywhere from on the streets, online and magazines, try out different styles in your hair that you like.
15. Hair Masks and Hot Oil Treatments Help:
They are a great pick me up for your hair.
16. Animal Oils are Better Than Plant Oils:
Oils like Mink Oil will be more nourishing than Argan Oil in curly hair.
17. Relax Your Hair:
Hair Relaxers will loosen your curls, but be careful because chemical treatments can be damaging for your hair.
18. Rest Is Vital:
A good night sleep is important for all hair types, If you are well rested your hair will thank you.
19. Silk:
Silk pillow cases are good for your hair, Less friction is created between your hair and the pillow therefore your hair will break less.
20. Don’t Stress:
Stress slows down the speed your hair grows at.
21. Layers:
Layers will help your hair from looking bottom heavy and will bring your hair to life.
22. Keratin:
Keratin is a protein in hair, coating your hair in keratin weekly will help keep frizz caused by humidity at bay.
23. Don’t Blow Dry:
Blow drying will create unnecessary frizz and damage air dry where possible.
24. When Using Heat:
If heat is a must for you a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer stops you from losing your curls during drying, small curling irons will help touch up your curls here and there.
25. Don’t Stiffen Your Curls:
When using curl holding products, don’t overdo it, sometimes it can look like you have soaked your hair in gel, use the recommended amount that is stated on the packaging of the product.
26. Avoid Sulfate Shampoos:
Sulfate dries out the hair. Sometimes shampoo isn’t even a necessity test out co-washing (just conditioning) not only will it save you money but it may also make your hair look even more amazing.
27. Lathering is Not Good:
Try not to lather your hair up too much when washing your hair.
28. When Drying:
Be careful with your hair when it’s wet, that’s when it’s at its most fragile. don’t rub the towel through your hair this will cause breakage and frizz, squeeze out the water instead of roughly drying with a towel.
29. Don’t Brush Wet Hair:
As you know you can’t brush your dry curls if you want them to sit in place, but do not brush your wet hair, as it is extremely damaging to brush wet hair, if you need to get the knots out use a wide tooth comb over a brush in wet hair.
30. Cold Water Rinse:
When rinsing your hair use cold water, this will add shine to your hair and reduce frizz.
31. Use Products When Your Hair is Wet:
Your hair will accept the products better than when your hair is dry.
32. Micro Fiber Towels:
Use to dry your hair instead of regular towels, they will soak up more moisture and won’t create as much frizz.
There is everything you need to know to care for your luscious locks, a place I recommend for inspiration is Pinterest ( http://pinterest.com/ ), you can have a search for different styles and other people’s hair tips and tricks.

Student, Beauty and Style enthusiast and lover of all things creative. Proud author and creator of the beauty style and life blog Marzi-Says.

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