50 Things to Know About Fantasy Premier League – Newbie’s Guide to Fantasy Premier League – Zlatko Stefkovski

“I like my fantasy team. No. I hate my fantasy team. But… I like my fantasy team! No, I hate it!”

-Every Fantasy Premier League manager ever


So, you want to learn a thing or two about Fantasy Premier League, huh? Well you’ve came to the right place. This book will lead you to the eternal glory in your mini league!
Well, as long as people from your mini league don’t buy this book.

Combined with lots of humor and funny anecdotes, “50 things to know about Fantasy Premier League” will make you realize that FPL (short for Fantasy Premier League, of course) is one of the toughest online games. A game that requires lots of forward thinking, great strategizing and most importantly – just a tiny bit of luck.

Whether you’re new to the game, or you are a veteran of the fantasy world, “50 things to know about Fantasy Premier League” is the book to read before starting your FPL journey. Ready to learn the essential rules that every FPL needs to know? Ready to read the 50 things that will make your FPL life easier? Ready for… you know what, I’m going to stop asking questions cause I can’t hear you answering. This is a book after all and not a phone call.
So… let’s just jump right into it!

1. Basics

Let’s start with the basics. What is Fantasy Premier League you may ask? Well, I’m glad you asked me, you beautiful reader, you. Fantasy Premier League (from now on referred to as FPL) is a free to play online game for football fans. Especially fans of the English Premier League.

FPL is a game in which you gain points based off real life performances of players. You have a limited budget and you can only choose three players from one team. Your team will have 2 goalkeepers,  5 defensive players, 5 midfield players and 3 strikers.

Every week you’ll field  11 players and the points those eleven got is your score for that gameweek!

So basically you don’t even play. The players do that for you in real life! FPL will make your experience watching the Premier League games even more exciting, and now you can find yourself cheering for players from teams that you never even watched before!

2. Budget

To stop people from creating “Galactico” squad full of the game’s bigger stars, FPL has a limited budget. Of course, the money in this game work differently from real life. The top player’s price would probably range between 12 million and 13 million pounds.

Every player has a budget of 100 million pounds.  Other than the budget limitation, you have the “team limitation”. This means that you can’t select more than 3 players of the same team.

Your job as a FPL manager is to pick the best players with the limited amount of money. You can choose few top players and the rest of your team can be full of “not that great” players, or you can have a team full of mediocre players. This proves an additional challenge for the users, and choosing between the different ways of making a team (a top star heavy team versus a more balanced team) is yet another  challenge that makes the game even more interesting.

3. Points

The biggest point of the game is… points. You need them. You want them. You’ll get them. The question is: Will you get enough of them?

The answer is that in reality you’ll never get enough of them, and there will always be someone with more points with you.

“But how do I gain points? You said something about me getting points based off real life performances?” you ask, and I answer in the next paragraph of this book.

Yes. You do gain points based off real life performances by the players in your team. Of course, every position gains you different points. You gain points for clean sheets, saves, goals and assists. You get reduced points for yellow and red cards as well as for conceding goals.

First of all: Every player gets 2 points for playing 60 minutes. So you definitely want to choose players that will play every single match. If a player plays less than 60 minutes you’ll get only one point.

If a player gets a yellow card he’ll get one point reduced. What you definitely don’t want is to have a player with a red card in your squad.  If a player gets a yellow and a red he’ll lose 4 points (and yes, a player with a negative amount of points is a possibility). If he only gets a red he’ll lose 3 points.

Every player gets different amounts of points for goals scored depending on his position on the field (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Striker)

If a player misses a penalty kick he’ll lose 2 points. If the goalkeeper saves it he’ll earn 5 points for that save.  If a player scores an own goal he’ll lose 2 points for that blunder.


Every player will earn 3 points for an assist regardless of his position (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Striker)

If a player is fouled, and a goal is scored directly from the free kick (or a penalty) that came from that foul, the fouled player will get points for an assist.

“Hey, what if my player is fouled for a penalty, and then he shoots and scores the penalty? I get even more points? OH YEAH BROTHER! THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!”

Calm your enthusiasm dear reader.  In a situation like this you’ll only get points for the goal.

Other than the regular points, there are bonus points. Three players will get 3, 2 or 1 bonus point based on their performance on the game. The system for deciding which player deserves a bonus point is kind of tricky, but having a player that scored an assisted in a game can make you almost certain that you’ll get 3 Bonus Points from that player.

It’s entirely possible (and it happens often) for a player to get a bonus point even though he was part of the losing team.  So if you have a player that played his heart out trying to make something happen but just barely lost the match, then you may be surprised to find 1 bonus point next to his name few hours after the match.

And yes, it usually takes a while for the bonus points to be added. But don’t worry.  These things are usually sorted out up to one hour after the match is over.

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About the Author

Zlatko Stefkovski plays Fantasy Premier League for 9 seasons now. He learned a thing or two about what to do and what not to while playing the #1 fantasy game in the world. So now he decided to share his knowledge with the new users that are joining the game every single day. Not sure how to build your team? Not sure what are the rules of FPL? Not sure when to use the wildcard? Well say goodbye to your confusion! This book will help you learn the insights of the game and make you knowledgeable in no time!

He is currently a comedy writer for a TV show in his country, and his signature sense of humor and tongue in cheek style of writing will make you laugh out loud and will make the whole learning experience more entertaining for you.

So take a deep breath, and get ready for the 50 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT FANTASY PREMIER LEAGUE
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