1. Ask Yourself: Can I Take This Project?

Taking on any project should start out with the questions: Can I handle this? Do I have time to devote? Am I able to meet extremely fast deadlines? Anytime I take on a client, I make sure I have the time to give them the best possible product I can. In ghostwriting, clients want their content fast and they want it high-quality. My advice is to start out small. Look for a client who is looking for a shorter project so you can get the feel of what is expected. Most importantly, never overextend yourself! Nothing makes an already fast-paced job more stressful than last minute procrastination. Make sure you ask the above questions.

2. Know Your Deadline

If you are a creative or a client of a creative of any kind, you know how important deadlines are. In ghostwriting, meeting deadlines is building a reputation and marketing yourself to new and returning clients. Many of these clients have deadlines ranging from hours to days to a few weeks. Make sure the deadline’s clear. This is especially important when working with “milestones” or different increments of time a client wants to check in on how their project is coming along. Knowing deadlines can become muddled once you have multiple projects so make sure they’re clear! If you can’t meet a deadline and need more time, contact your client. Often they’re willing to work with you. Ultimately, you have to take a good, hard look at your calendar and go back to the three questions.

3. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

The non-disclosure agreement or NDA is a crucial part of ghostwriting. Clients use these to make sure both author and publisher understand the terms agreed between them. Often they include who owns the rights to the work and how it is to be distributed. NDAs not only protect the publisher but also you as the author. It offers terms by which the contract may be terminated on either parties’ side. One thing is to know what you’re signing and understand it in its entirety. Any violation on behalf of either party can result in serious legal consequences. Make sure you understand and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. Clients are people too and I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. This is a business but it’s incredibly fun!

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About the Author

Blaise Ramsay has been ghostwriting for almost half a year. A published author, professional ghostwriter, marketing coach and publisher, Blaise has dedicated most of her time offering hope and advice to those who want to have writing as their career. She lives in Texas with her husband and two kids, a cat and a hound dog. Her full-time publishing company known as FyreSyde is devoted to focusing on people. A lover marketing, leadership, writing sexy shifters and the occasional book for herself, Blaise appreciates the value of investing in building and inspiring people.

Aside from her own debut series, Blaise has written multiple ghostwriting projects for other clients. Her own novel Blessing of Luna, is the first in a new series known as the Wolfgods with the second installment, Bane of Tenebris, due in 2019.

When she’s not working in building her publishing company, blogging, offering marketing, leadership, and coaching to indie and self-published authors, Blaise likes to stay at home where she spends time with her kids, enjoys some crime drama and reading. Of course, every reading session needs a nice cup of coffee and some quiet time.

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