50 Things to Know About Having Twins

50 things to know about having twins“Some miracles come in pairs” – Richard Branson


Welcome to the world of twin moms! It is an interesting one filled with diapers, bottles, diapers, double strollers, and don’t forget diapers. This is a journey of a lifetime and one you will not regret! There are ups and downs (like anything else), but in the end, it is all worth it!

This book will help you to know what to expect with twins before, during, and after bringing them home. This is the real deal. No sugar coating, no fake stories of how wonderful it all is, but real. I hope you enjoy and this will help you to be prepared and ready for your two little miracles!

1. I’m Pregnant…Times Two!

During pregnancy you will feel both babies. It is so awesome! I do not know any different since these were my first babies, but I have heard people say that being pregnant with twins is a totally different experience than being pregnant with a singleton. I could feel each one when he moved and I knew that one was going to be way more active than the other one. To this day, Baby A is on the move and Baby B is still pretty chill.

Also, your due date will be around the 37 week mark. No 40 week pregnancies here! I think every doctor is different, but 37 seems to be the magic number where the babies are large and healthy enough to deliver, but they are not so cramped yet that it becomes a risk.


2. Rest, Baby, Rest

Chances are your doctor will put you on bed rest at some point during your pregnancy. The first time I was put on bed rest, it was limited. That meant that I was able to get up and make food, go to the bathroom, etc., but I was supposed to limit activity. No work, no gym, and no cleaning the house like crazy. After a few weeks, I was moved to official bed rest. I was only able to get up and go to the bathroom. My husband took over everything in the house. He cleaned (or tried) and cooked (or tried) while I laid in bed or on the couch. Let me give you a hint here: hire a cleaning lady, get used to ordering food, and subscribe to Netflix if you don’t already have it. At the time, I hated bed rest. I called whoever would listen and complained that I had to sit around and be waited on and watch TV all day. Poor me. Enjoy your time. It goes fast and soon you will have zero free time and miss your netflix days.


3. Playing The Name Game

Naming one baby is hard. Naming two is just plain crazy. I had a ton of girl names picked out and no boy names. Alas, we found out we were having two boys. We went through the entire book of baby names and only found 8 names we liked. Then, we had to go through and see which names flowed together. When you talk about your twins, you talk about them together so you don’t want names that completely clash with one another. A lot of people like to rhyme twin names or start them with the same letter. Just a thought! We ended up coming up with our second name by having my husband pick a letter of the alphabet and then me choosing the first name I liked from that letter. It worked and we love their names!


4. D(delivery)- Day

Most people giving birth to twins have a c-section. That is what I was prepared for the entire time I was pregnant. We did not take any birthing classes or any special labor classes because we figured, “Hey, the doctor does all the work, right?”. As I was in labor, my doctor informed me that both twins were head down and she would like for me to try to deliver naturally. Cue meltdown by huge, pregnant woman. I hadn’t practiced, I didn’t know what to do. I fought and fought and cried and cried and said I didn’t want to do it. She has me do it anyway. Baby A- out in 14 minutes. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Here comes the fun part….Baby B didn’t want to come out. Here comes the c-section! Yes, I delivered both ways. Doctor swears this is rare and has never happened before. Moral to the story: be prepared for anything during delivery.

Also, with twins there will be an entire army of people in the delivery room. At first, I was wondering why so many people needed to witness the disgusting miracle of life, but they all had their job and after pushing once I did not care who was in there as long as the babies were healthy and got out of me fast.


5. Recovery

Recovery from delivering both ways was rough. I won’t lie. However, when you are looking at your two little babies, the pain goes away. I know, everyone says that and you’re thinking, “Yeah, right”. It’s true. The pain does come back when the baby is asleep or away from you. Do not, I repeat, do not leave the hospital without having your pain meds filled first. I know from experience, it does not feel good to put it nicely.


6. “What a Chunky Baby” are words you will NOT hear

Be prepared that you will not be delivering two 8 lb babies (Thank Goodness!). Your babies will be smaller than the average baby because there are TWO of them. As long as they are healthy, don’t let this bother you. It is normal for twins and the doctor will tell you the same thing.

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