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50 Things to Know BooksOne of my goals this year is to publish a “50 Things to Know” book each week. Since Maria is in school this year, and Olivia goes to day care a couple morning a week, I achieved my goal. As of last week, I have enough books ready to publish one a week. I have enjoyed working with the writers. Working with people around the world is nice since I am a stay at home Mom. (Map of some of my writers)

I started 50 Things to Know books when I had Maria and did not know much about pregnancy. I wrote “50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby” to help others learned what I learned. Now there is about 200 “50 Things to Know” books and 400 self published books all together.

I have moved towards publishing more children’s books myself including 3 poem books and 5 Charlie the Cavalier books. I think the best part about self publishing is reading the books to the kids that I know and giving them as gifts for birthday and holidays. (List of my books: http://amzn.to/2nHPErU)

Today (3/28/17) there are 12 “50 Things to Know” books free. Please download one if you like. I set them as free to they rank higher on days that they are not free.

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