Amazon Prime- Our Favorites with a 30-Day Free Trial

AssocAds_Prime_2015_300x250_0000_Light_V286973975_Over the past couple of months my husband and I have been enjoying some new shows on Amazon Prime.

Over the past couple of years we really have enjoyed what Amazon Prime has to offer.  We use the free 2 day shipping for getting our K cups and diapers, my husband and I watch shows, my daughter watches kids shows, I have a Fire phone, my daughter has a kindle fire, and my husband reads books on Amazon with his kindle readers.

Lets just say we are happy with what Amazon has to offer.

Here are some of the shows that we binge watched if you are interested in checking them out:

What are your favorite shows?  Amazon Prime free month is even great if you would like to buy some things with free shipping on Amazon.  Just remember to close it after making the purchase or before the 30 days are over.





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