Breast-feeding at Knoebles

wpid-img_20150731_141542.jpgKnoebles amusument resort in Elysburg, PA is one of my favorite places.  We have so much fun at this place with and without kids.  Sometimes my husband and I go for the food and atmosphere.  I love this park so much that I even wrote a children’s book about it: Charlie the Cavalier Goes to the Amusement Park

Free parking and free admission is great.  As our family is growing, we brought our 2 month old to the park this weekend.  The day was hot, but we were able to use the great nursing station at the front of Knoebles.

As you see in the pictures there is a microwave, sink, bathroom, rocking chairs, and changing tables.  They also offer diapers for $.50 if you need some extra. The other good part is that there was internet!  So my husband and friends stayed together and I got to look on Facebook at the pictures they were taking while at the park! I also enjoyed the air condition while I was in there.


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