Charlie the Cavalier moving to 50 Things to Know Life Dog Treat Giveaway from Dog Food Direct

1235052_496810300415179_786362635_nCharlie the Cavalier is now moving to starting on May 1st 2014.  50 Things to Know life will be the new Charlie the Cavalier.  This this blog has been fun, we are going to move everything to one place.  There will be more organization and hopefully more time spent on posting this way instead of moving around social media accounts.  Charlie the Cavalier Blog began about 5 years ago.

50 Things to Know Life will include the best posts from Charlie the Cavalier and more:

To celebrate we are working together with to bring you these free dog treats.  You can buy dog treats from Dog Food Direct too!  Please enter below.  If you win we will ship you these treats for free!  Your dog will love you.  Don’t worry, Charile the Cavalier tried them out and loves them.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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