Charlie the Cavalier Book Announces New Joke Books

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Charlie the Cavalier Books Presents Best Joke Books

Child Friendly School Jokes for Kids!

Charlie the Cavalier is a family friendly dog that bring smiles to children’s faces. Charlie brings to you family friendly jokes to make kids and adults smile. Enjoy this book with the children in your life.

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• Great for Road Trips
• Read in Waiting Rooms
• Read Before nap time
• Read at bed time
• Great for a vacation

A few Jokes From The Books…

Question: Why did the children eat their homework?
Answer: The students ate their homework because the teacher said it was ‘a piece of cake!’

Question: What do you call a boy with a dictionary in his pocket?
Answer: Smartie Pants!

Question: What are the letters are always cool?
Answer: AC!

Question: What did the pencil said to other pencil?
Answer: Oh! You look so sharp!

Question: What school do you greet people in?
Answer: Hi School!

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The idea came from my dog Charlie the Cavalier.  Then we found an amazing illustrator from the Czech Republic named Magdalena Takac.  The jokes were created from many different amazing sources.  Thank you friends and family for that part.

I hope you enjoy the books.  What is your favorite joke?

Find your favorite joke book here!

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