How to Choose The Right Accessories For Your Prom Dress

a9afb8398f97b18be9f1459b484e30edProm season is once again right around the corner and you might be wondering how you can add some extra spice or sweetness to your prom gown.  JenJenHouse provides the most stylish, glamorous and eye catching gowns on the market. Although these dresses are perfect for expressing your personal style, matching your dress with the perfect accessories can make you shine on an entirely new level!

Clutches are a must Have

No, you can’t put more than your cellphone and some gum in your clutch, but it’s still a must have prom accessory! The safest way to match your clutch with your dress is by buying one that is a solid color. If you choose to wear a very glamorous, ball gown type dress like the ones sold at JenJenHouse then it’s OK to match it with a clutch that has sparkly rhinestones, glitter feathers or decorative clasps. It will pull together the entire exciting look of your dress by getting everyone to focus on the core of it.

Wear a dazzling necklace or earrings

You don’t want to wear so many eye-grabbing accessories that people don’t notice your beautiful dress anymore. It’s recommended that you choose between wearing an attention grabbing necklace or face brightening earrings. If you’re wearing your hair down and covering your ears then the choice is easy. Wear a simple necklace that’s main design features something simple like a teardrop shape. It will highlight your outfit, but not completely take it over.

If you choose to wear earrings it is also recommended to stick to a simple dangling design or teardrop design once again. The earrings will pull attention to your glamorous hair and makeup while shining all on its own.

Follow these tips to make you stand out more than ever on one of the most important nights of your life!

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