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“Life is a book, and those who do
not travel read only one page.”
-Saint Augustine

Moving to Columbia was an easy decision for me
when I decided that I was ready to settle down for good.
I’d originally moved to the capital city in 2010. I expected
a culture shock. Surprisingly, I fell in love with the city.
It was the perfect balance of city life and southern comfort.
In 2013, life began to happen and I relocated again. I
took time away from writing and expanded my family.
When the dust settled and I was ready to try again,
Columbia was my only choice. I didn’t even consider
going any place else.

In these pages, I share some of the things that make the
capital city of South Carolina so special to its residents.
It is rich in history and culture. For me, Columbia isn’t
my home away from home. It is simply home!

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One of the very first things that I noticed when I
moved to the South was the uncomfortable level of
friendliness. Every greets one another, whether its with
a curt nod or verbally. It was something that, as a
Northerner, I wasn’t used to. It was offsetting, to say
the least.

Slowly, I began to understand the concept of
Southern hospitality. It is customary to acknowledge
the presence of another person. Over time,it rubbed off
on my. I have found myself in full fledged
conversations, while waiting for the city bus, that all
stemmed from a simple “hello.” So, don’t be surprised
if you pass ten people and at least seven of them greet
you. Don’t be alarmed if someone strikes up a
conversation as you stand in line to make your
purchases. Smile and say hello! Anything else would
just be unacceptable.


No one likes to worry about money when they
travel. Especially running out of it. Although you want
the assurance of knowing that you won’t have any
financial issues on your trip, there are some safety tips
to consider. This is particularly so if you’re in
Columbia on a pleasure trip.

Carrying cash isn’t a good idea. It can be dangerous
for anyone but more so for travelers. Constantly having
to produce your wallet or reach in your pocket alerts
others that you are carrying cash. Unfortunately, not
everyone is honest and law abiding.

Plastic is safer for a variety of reasons. There is no
way to recover lost cash. A card can easily be canceled
and replaced. Additionally, there’s the option to dispute
charges, if necessary. Cards also offer a level of
financial security by allowing you to set spending and
withdrawal limits.

Carry enough cash to leave a tip, if need be. Never
use your card to tip. Be sure to cross the tip line out on
the bill when you sign it. Prepaid cards work just as
well as any.


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Cauwna Bowman was born in Brooklyn, New York.
She is the mother of four and grandmother of one. Her
love for writing was evident very early in love. It is no
surprise that she became a writer as an adult.
Although she is a native New Yorker, she has lived
in many states along the east coast and has visited
various states as well. Cauwna is now a resident of
South Carolina.

Cauwna enjoys writing, reading, singing and
crafting. Cauwna Bowman also loves to travel…

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