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CZYK Publishing started in 2011 with the book “50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby”.  Lisa was having trouble figuring out what to do and wanted to share the information she has learned with others.  The series now has many people sharing the lessons that they have learned and passions with others with 300 books and audiobooks on Amazon/Audible.  The series became “50 Things to Know – What do you want to Know?”.

Charlie the Cavalier


Charlie the Cavalier is a 5 book series about a dog named Charlie and a little girl named Lilly that teaches kids that they are loved even when their caregivers are away. The series has ended but is still available on Amazon.

Greater Than a Tourist


The “Greater Than a Tourist” series came from this series when people want to share travel tips about where they live with others.  There will be 400 books by the end of 2019 in this series.  The series is “Greater Than a Tourist – 50 Travel Tips from a Local”.  Read the story how the series got started here.

CZYK Publishing


CZYK Publishing is from the creators last name – Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D., and is pronounced “Check Publishing”.  Thank you to everyone who has followed the series, shared on social media, and purchased the books.  Happy Holiday.  We will continue to grow next year with new books and audiobooks.

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