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CZYK Publishing started in 2011 with the book "50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby".  Lisa was having trouble figuring out what to do and wanted to share the information she has learned with others.

Greater Than a Tourist

The "Greater Than a Tourist- 50 Travel Tips from a Local" series came from this series when people want to share travel tips about where they live with others.  There are almost 500 Books in the series. All books can be found here.

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Positive Reviews of the Series:

I think the series is wonderful and beneficial for tourists to get information before visiting the city.

-Seckin Zumbul, Izmir Turkey

 I am a world traveler who has read many trip guides but this one really made a difference for me. I would call it a heartfelt creation of a local guide expert instead of just a guide.

-Susy, Isla Holbox, Mexico

 New to the area like me, this is a must have!

-Joe, Bloomington, USA

 This is a good series that gets down to it when looking for things to do at your destination without having to read a novel for just a few ideas.

-Rachel, Monterey, USA

 Aptly titled, you won't just be a tourist after reading this book. You'll be greater than a tourist!

-Alan Warner, Grand Rapids, USA

50 Things to Know

Each book in the series has 50 Tips from people who did what you want to do.  The series now has many people sharing the lessons that they have learned and passions with others with 300 books and audiobooks on Amazon/Audible.  The series became "50 Things to Know - What do you want to Know?".





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Charlie the Cavalier

Charlie the Cavalier is a 5 book series about a dog named Charlie and a little girl named Lilly that teaches kids that they are loved even when their caregivers are away. The series has ended but is still available on Amazon.



CZYK Publishing

CZYK Publishing is from the creator's last name - Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D., and is pronounced "Check Publishing".  Thank you to everyone who has followed the series, shared on social media, and purchased the books.

Picture of creator Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D., on a family trip in Nova Scotia Canada.

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