Do You Track Your Steps?

For Valentines day this year I got a watch.  A pedometer watch!  Don’t worry, it was my husbands idea.  But the price was so large that the watch needed to be a present.  I have worn my Garmin VivoSmart every day since.  I love this watch.  I chose this one because I like how it looks.  I love how you can swipe the front for the information to show up on your watch.  I do not like the proprietary charger, and the fact that it does not track floors.

This all started as I was trying to be healthy while pregnant and after pregnancy.  As a stay at home Mom exercising can be difficult.  Things change every day.  I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 3 month old.  Having this watch allows me to track house work as exercise.  I sometimes walk in front of the tv or computer.  A great thing to watch to finish your steps for the day or get them in the morning is Leslie Sansone videos.  I now jog in place when I make my smoothie in the morning.  Each of those things are counted in one spot.  I can even take this watch in the shower!  Being able to get this watch wet is a plus.

There are some other watches I would recommend:

Fitbit count flights of stairs.  I wonder how many times I do that a day!

The MisFit Flash you never have to charge.  I charge my watch about once a week.

Most of these watches have the ability to track your sleep too.  This was great when I first had the baby to see how much sleep I actually got a night.  Not much!  🙂  But it is all worth it.

So if you buy one of these fun watches do your research first.  There are many youtube videos and review to look at.  Just think of the price you are interested in and the options.  You could always buy a pedometer too.  Just make sure you get one that does not have buttons that were easy to press.  I started with one of these and holding my little girl on my hip would reset the steps which was really frustrating!

My goal for the month of September has been 10,000 steps.  If I don’t get there by the end of the day I usually jog around the house and in place until I get there.  I have meet my goal ever day this month and it feels great.  So much better then checking the scale every day.  Next month is 12,000 steps which 1 day off a week.  Wish me luck!

Do you count your steps?

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