Does Your Shed Need Some Paint?

IMG_1968While we have finished many inside house projects since we bought our house abut 3 years ago, we did not to too much to the outside. One of the project this summer to the outside is painting the shed.

This shed is about 14 years old.  While structurally the shed is great, the outside needed some work.  We did add a chalk board for our little girl but it needed some more work.  You can even see our old solar power light that broke in the last hail storm. The light worked great until it broke.

Step 1: Buy stuff at Lowes.

 Back to Lowes I go.  I decided on a color and just bought a stain pad.  I use a knife to open the can.  I went with a solid color because of the age of the wood.  I did not want to strip the paint before I stared.  I went with Olympic Moonrock Stain.


Step 2: Let the painting begin.

 I just started to paint the entire shed.  The entire job took a couple naps while my little girl was sleeping. The stain pad worked great.  I would recommend the extra purchase.  Another tips is to use old boxes to catch the stain.


Step 3: Back to lowes for some Rustoleum

Flat black high performance enamal to do do all the black on the shed.  I did not want to accent anything else except the black hindges and the light.


Step 5: Tape the area for painting.

We already had the tape from another project (Adding a granite counter top and new back splash).  While my little one was playing outside, I taped around the areas that I wanted to paint.


Step 6: All Finished!

I am very happy with the finished product.  My husband and I wish we did this a long time ago.  Maybe we will add a new roof next!  If I got to choose it would be gray or black.  Not to enjoy the outside and start some other projects.


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