Eat Like a Local-Baltimore

Eat Like a Local-Baltimore

Baltimore Food Guide

By Julia Harris


Are you excited about planning your next trip?

Do you want an edible experience? Would you like
some culinary guidance from a local? If you answered
yes to any of these questions, then this Eat Like a Local
book is for you. Eat Like a Local- Baltimore, Maryland
by Julia Harris offers the insider’s dish and the heavy
scoop on the foods and fun found in Charm City.
Culinary tourism is an import aspect of any travel
experience. Food has the ability to tell you a story of a
destination, its landscapes, and culture on a single plate.
Most food guides tell you how to eat like a tourist.
Although there is nothing wrong with that, as part of
the Eat Like a Local series, this book will give you a
food guide from someone who has lived at your next
culinary destination.

In these pages, you will discover advice on having a
unique edible experience. This book will not tell you
exact addresses or hours but instead will give you
excitement and knowledge of food and drinks from a
local that you may not find in other travel food guides.

Eat like a local. Slow down, stay in one place, and
get to know the food, people, and culture. By the time
you finish this book, you will be eager and prepared to
travel to your next culinary destination.


“People who love to eat are
always the best people”
- Julia Child

Since I was a child, I’d had a desire to wander, to get
out and see what was new to see, meet new people, and
try new things. By the time I was thirty, I’d lived in
Europe and all over the United States, met some of my
dearest friends working for international entertainment
productions and clients on nearly every continent, and
always asking the question, “what’s next?”

In every location where I’d lived, I strove to find the
best of the best whenever seeking a meal. It didn’t have
to be the classiest steak house, top-of-the-line sushi, or
anything like that. I was seeking comfort foods, dive
bars, and the kinds of places that could best be
described as “Cheers” in the places where I was: filled
with great food, entertaining patrons, and a place I’d
feel comfortable returning again and again.

I’ve lived in Baltimore for more than a decade and have
found several of those places right here in Charm City.
Baltimore has its own flavor- crab flavor, for sure, but
hometown dives, beers, themed-restaurants, and great
places for trivia night. I’ve been to all the locations
listed named in the book- several (okay, many, many,
many) over and over again. I’ve share my favorite
places with friends and family when they’ve come to
visit and have even appeared on Diners, Dive-Ins, and
Dives talking about one of my favorite spots.

I’m honored to now share these places with you. So,
pull up a chair, grab a fork or a spoon, and let’s dig in.


Let’s address the practicalities of an awesome dining
experience. Baltimore is a large city and there are
opportunities for great dining experiences well beyond
the touristy areas such as the Inner Harbor and Camden
Yards. Many neighborhoods where great dining
experiences can be found are accessible via public
transit such as the Charm City Circulator, the Light
Rail, or the Baltimore Metro. Car services such as Uber,
Lyft, and local taxi services are readily available in the

As you’re deciding where to eat for breakfast, lunch, or
dinner (as you’ll read, Charm City’s got delights for all
hours of the day), check ahead for the most-efficient
means of transport or parking. Keep safety in mind. Use
public transport during well-traveled hours and keep
with the crowds if you’re heading into unfamiliar areas.


Baltimore is a key location in the growing farm-to-table
trend with several restaurants that put the practice to
use. Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore’s Clipper Mill
neighborhood relies on the relationships James Beard
Award-winning chef and owner Spike Gjerde has with
farms across the Chesapeake Bay region to develop and
serve dishes that showcase the abundance of the
surrounding area. In addition to Woodberry Kitchen,
Gjerde has spun-off the restaurant’s sensibilities into
Parts & Labor, which features and on-side butcher shop
and light-fare centric Artifact.

Other farm-to-table restaurants in Baltimore include
Maggie’s Farm in the Hamilton neighborhood, an
intimate restaurant and bar that showcases thoughtfully
sourced foods and cocktails. Many of the coffees,
cheeses, poultry, vegetables, and beef served at
Maggie’s Farm are found locally. For its efforts, the
restaurant has been showcased on the Food Network
and is the recipient of several accolades from local and
national publications including Baltimore magazine and
Travel & Leisure.

Atwater’s, which has several locations around the city,
is the brainchild of Ned Atwater who started his food
empire making fresh-baked breads, sandwiches, soups,
and pastries available at six locations and 10 farmers’
markets. Ned never lost his focus on buying from small
family farms and purveyors and using the items
purchased to craft dishes from fresh and, often, organic
materials. The company’s homemade Red Berry Rose
Jam and Green Goddess Salad Dressing have been
highly-praised and are the recipients of the highest
honors in the Good Food Awards competition.

Read all 50 Tips in the book
Eat Like a Local- Baltimore
available at Amazon.


Julia Harris loves finding adventure every day in her
home of Baltimore and wherever the wanderlust leads
her. She’s lived and worked around the United States
and in Europe. For the past decade, her home base has
been Baltimore and, 10 years in, she consistently
discovering new charms and great meals in the city.

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