Eat Like a Local- Indonesia | 50 Travel Tips by a Local

Eat Like a Local Indonesia - 50 Travel Tips by a Local 


Local author, Soenarta, promotes Indonesia in first book


Local author Chrestella has published her first book in paperback on Amazon, featuring Indonesia and the surrounding community.


The book, “Eat Like a Local - Indonesia”, covers Indonesia in a way not only tourists but new residents can appreciate.  The author points out everything from Bali, to Jakarta, and many other places.


Soenarta says “Indonesia is like you expect a short journey, but instead, you find a second home to come back"


Eat Like a Local Indonesia - 50 Travel Tips from a Local can be found on Amazon in the book section.



Author Bio 

Born and grow up in Indonesia, Chrestella beliefs that sharing her local wisdom with people is a blessing. Passionate about food, she got a bachelor's degree in Food Technology at Soegijapranata Catholic University. Make sure you will feel comfortable, and create a memorable experience is her top priority. She loves to get swayed in music and listen to people's life stories. She regularly shares touching and motivating stories on her Instagram @stellameryl. If by any chance you still have a further question after finishing this book, Chrestella is more than welcome if you want to DM her.


Contact Information: 

Chrestella Meryl S.



Review copies can be given in PDF form. 



Eat Like a Local- Indonesia 

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