Cruise Tips- Enjoying Your Cruise: Tips, Tricks, and Things You Should Know


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16. Explore The Ship

The first thing my husband I like to do when we get on a cruise ship is explore.  Find the fastest way from your cabin to the dining room.  Know where the quiet reading places are or the best chairs for entertainment on the deck.  Find the activities you want to try.  We enjoy just enjoying the ship.

17. Find The Places to Eat

One ship usually have many restaurants.  Some of them you need to pay a fee to eat there.   But there are usually buffets and other places to eat during the day.  On one of the ships we were on they had hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, and fries all day.  I would get some fries for a snack and then find the ice cream machine for a salty and sweet treat.  You don’t want to go on most of your cruise and find a great eating place the last day.  Enjoy eating from day one.

18. Check Out the Lido Deck

The sun is not for everyone, but the pool deck is a great place to people watch and enjoy your vacation.  There may be some shady places on deck if you do not like the full sun.  But if you want to tan this deck is the place for you (if the weather is nice).  I love watching the pool games such as Mr. Sexy Legs on NCL.  I get sea sick so being on this deck where the area is open, there is a small breeze, and I can be in the center makes me feel a little better.  Also, the distraction of free entertainment helps too.

19. Enjoy the Ship Activities

There are many ship activities.  You don’t have to do any of them if you like.  But some of the activities are fun and make days at sea go faster.  They will give you an itinerary every day in your cabin where you can plan your day.  Or if a plan is not a vacation to you, you can just walk around the ship and if there is something that interests you, join in.  Many activities are free but some are not.  For example Bingo is not free.

20. Enjoy the Night Life

The night does not need to end at dinner on a cruise ship.  If you like you can just go to bed and that is fine too. You can also try dancing, the casino, themed parties, sometimes movies on the deck, and other activities.  People watching is a great activity at night too.

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