Episode 4: Making Internet and Phone Calls on a Cruise Ship: Greater Than a Tourist Podcast with Lisa Rusczyk

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Intro: \Welcome to the greater than a tourist podcast. I am Dr Lisa Rusczykand the software trainer. I was a seasoned traveler, but now I’m a digital entrepreneur and mom and I share my everyday travel tips with you. Let’s get started with today’s episode.

Speaker 2: Hi and welcome to the greater Than a tourist 50 Travel tips from a local podcast. My name is Dr Lisa Rusczyk and I am the creator of the Greater Than a Tourist podcast. I love to travel, and I hope you do too. We have a great show for you today if you love this podcast, you mate. Like our audio books, too, As a reminder, you can get the greater than a tourist audiobooks for free with a 30 day free membership trial from Audible. All right, The three things we’re gonna talk about today is, um, is basically the Internet and calls on a cruise ship. So, um, the one thing you could do is give the Internet and you could get the Internet package pay on your own or your use your cell phone. You can use your phone, and I will talk about the least expensive choice. So first we’re gonna talk about how to use the Internet on the cruise ship. Now, one thing you can do is just use the Internet on your phone. If you have the Internet on your phone already, you can use it. But, uh, it matters where, what port of call you’re in or how close the land you currently are. So, um, using your phone could be easy, and you can use it at certain ports. Many ports now have places where the crew members go, and they have really nice. Lounge is where you can just go and use the Internet for free at the airport, and it’s a way to promote their port to other people and people coming to the airport. Now, if you’re on the cruise ship and you’re at sea, this is a different story, so you can use the Internet on your phone, but you might have to buy a package or could pay by the minute, and this gets more expensive. Or you could just deal with your own cell phone company. So it’s something to research before you leave. Okay, Um, next is the Internet on cruise ships. Now, different cruise ships have different speeds of Internet, so you’ll have to go and see what speed you can get it at. But for example, 11 time I was on a cruise and someone wanted to do a video interview on a cruise ship and from doing some doctoral work on a cruise ships before I’ve realized that I didn’t think this was gonna happen. So I actually saw that guy. He was dressed up and ready for his interview in the morning, and I saw them later that day, and he said the Internet just didn’t work well enough to do the online interview on the cruise ship. So, um, research that before you go, you don’t want to lose a job over something like this. And, um so I think it’s different on every ship in every port. So it’s something to think about crew members that we talked to. Sometimes they can get the Internet at a port from the room and no download, for example, a movie or something like that while they’re in port. So they have something for leader. So, um, and this is about your phone, too, so phone, you can use your phone like it’s a regular phone when you are close to certain towers. But if you were in other places of the world or you don’t have international, um, minutes, things like that that you’ll have to think about, um, how to make phone calls that way. So I my parents had my daughter’s on our last cruise, and we did try and call them, and one minute was $6 on my phone in Canada, and we live in the United States. So it’s just something to think about before you leave, how you’re going to connect with someone now if you don’t have a phone that has a the like Internet browsing on it, for example, and you want to use the Internet, they do have computers on the cruise ship, and you can buy by the minute or a package. And there there is package deals at certain times that you can buy. So these are all things you just need to think about and prepare before you go on a cruise. So hopefully this podcast gave you some information about using the Internet or a telephone on a cruise ship, and thank you for joining me today, all the greater than tourist books can be found on Amazon and paperback and e book format, and most are in audio book form at two. And hopefully the show has motivated you to travel around the world or to wherever you want to go. Join us for my next episode and remember to subscribe to the greater than a tourists podcast. And thank you for merely serous check. Please find out more information about this, um, and other greater than tourist books at greater than a tourist dot com. Thank you. Bye.

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