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Welcome to the greater than a tourist podcast. I am Dr Lisa Rusczyk and the software trainer. I was a seasoned traveler, but now I’m a digital entrepreneur and mom and I share my everyday travel tips with you. Let’s get started with today’s episode.

Speaker 2: Good evening, everyone. This is episode for when to eat dinner on a cruise and hi, my name is Lisa Rusczyk and I’m the creator of the Greater Than in tourist Book Series 50 Travel tips from a local. And I, um I’m here to talk to you today because I love travel and I hope you do, too. And we have a great show for you today, Um, a little more about myself. I have two little girls. They’re currently seven and four, and right now they are at a vacation Bible school. So that is why I have a little bit of time to record this podcast for you. If you love podcast, you might also like audio books the greater than a tourist books are available on audible for a free 30 day trial. And you can listen to this. And if you didn’t know a little more about me, I also created the The 50 Things to Know Book Serious. There’s 300 books available, and there’s 400 books on the greater Than tourist book series. So there is a lot of audio books out there for you to try and that I have helped create. And if you’re wondering how I started creating these books for other people and helping them create them, is I. When I had my first child, which was now seven years ago, I had a girl named Maria and, um, But before I had a baby, I didn’t really know much about having a baby. So I wrote 50 things to know before having a baby. It was a blog post, and as of now it has, I think, one point 5,000,000 views. But at the time it started getting a lot of use each day, probably 2 to 3000 day, which I thought was a lot of the time. And that’s why I created the book 50 Things to Know before having a baby, which then became a whole series of books and now another series about travel because I love to travel so much, so I kind of married my too my love for books and my love. Well, for computers and my love for travel and, um, sharing things with others into the greater than a tourist and book series. So but today we’re going to talk about when to eat dinner. And there I have three options we’re gonna talk about today. You can choose the time or on some ships you can go to. We call it fancy dinner or the buffet. Or you can go if wherever there’s an opening. Okay, so my husband and I recently went on a cruise on Holland America, but we’ve also been on NCL Carnival Princess, um, most of Royal Caribbean. So we have gone on 20 cruises together, and I am currently age 36. So it is been we’ve been on about 2 to 3 a year. So, um, normally we like to eat dinner at our house at five o’clock, so we eat dinner early. So this is a time that normally you can’t even choose that time if you’re going on a cruise ship for dinner. So what we normally do is we just go up and ask if we can choose our dinner at a certain time. And we, for example, went on a Holland America cruise ship. This last cruise and it was never a problem. There are so some ships, for example, some bigger NTL ships where they will give you a buzzer if you try and go after a certain time, for example, even though we like to eat a five o’clock. Sometimes we’ll spend, um, a few hours on the island and will miss that five time because we’re coming back from Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda or something like that. So if that was the case, sometimes you run into a larger dinner rush, which is later than people eating at five. And they will give us a buzzer to go eat a certain place or time. If you choose certain specialty dining for well, there is a French restaurant on NCL that we really like. They will usually you’ll have to pick a time for that, and usually you have to do it in the beginning of the week so that, um, we’ll have to write it down. But normally we just like Thio, go to dinner when we feel like it because we’re on vacation and we don’t like a specific time, but we know there’s other people who aren’t like that. There’s also buffets on cruises where it doesn’t matter what time you go. You can go at any time now. You can’t can’t go too late on certain cruise lines. For example, my husband and I would sometimes like to eat in the dining room, and we like to have her dessert in the buffet because we just like to see it and maybe pick a few and it just takes less time. So that’s how we prefer to eat. So we would go to dinner, and then we will go to the buffet for dessert and it was closed and it wouldn’t open for two more hours, and we were actually pretty shocked by this. And so, um, sometimes it matters when you’re going to eat dinner, because sometimes they do close. And there’s these time periods that has a point where you can’t eat anything, including desert. My husband recently wrote about this on the N. C. L. She you know, sorry, the Holland America sheet. They send you out a survey afterward about how you like your cruise, and this is one of the comments that he made because we wanted to have our dessert. So, um, you can always eat at the buffet for every single meal on a cruise if you want. But if you want to go to fancy dinner or what the Realtor mints and go to the main dining room or one of the other specialty restaurants, then time becomes more of an issue. So this is all things to think about before you go on a cruise when to eat dinner, you know, or where you’re going to eat dinner because there’s more than one option, which is really nice. So, um, there might be many free restaurants or just a few or just one and including the buffet or not. So it’s just something to think about before you leave. So hopefully this gave you some information about dinner. So you know when to eat on a cruise and thank you for joining me today, all the greater than Thrace. Books can be found on Amazon and Paperback Andy back a book format so, like you could read it on your Kindle er your phone. Or however you read books, and most of them are also an audio book format to our on Audible. Hopefully, the show is motivated you to travel. So please join us neck for a next episode. And I remember just subscribe to the greater than a tourist 50 Travel tips from a local podcast. Thank you for me, Alisa Rich Tech. And please find more information at greater than interest dot com or 50. Thanks to know dot com. Alright. Thanks for joining me today. And I will see you in the next episode. Thanks. Bye.

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