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Auto text: So I can create a skirt for you okay this is episode 8 it’s called credit cards and cash while traveling and again my name is Lisa Rusczyk and welcome to the greater than a Taurus podcast 50 travel tips from a local in the creator of the series and I went to travel and I hope you do too I hope I inspire you to travel and we have a great show for you today if you love podcast you might also like audiobooks to we have many of them available on Audible or Amazon in as a reminder you can get a 30-day free trial to listen to them and I’m hopefully you will continue to listen to them after 30 days so today we’re going to talking about calling your company to your credit card company to say that you’re going away bringing a few different types of credit cards or cash and bringing cash or credit card to get cash out of the ATM at a low rate so again we’re talking about credit cards on cruises or on vacations and normally my husband and I bring cash and credit cards cash just in case and we normally never get the cash of the places that we’ve currently went of the place that we’re going so I’ll talk to you about that so the first thing you need to do is before you leave you need to call your credit card company and tell them that you are going to be going away on a cruise or well just you can just say you’re going to a specific location and to sometimes I need to verify that location because sometimes they’ll think your credit card stolen and they will not make the payments or something like that so if you give them a heads up they’ll market on your information so they know that you will be there also we like to bring a few credit cards instead in case one doesn’t work we were just in Quebec City the other day and there was light it and I would say to put the chip in there. Chip and I would say to slide at so sometimes we will just that we would just get out of another credit card to see that and you want to just look at your different credit cards to see which ones if they have any specific rates that might be helpful for cash exchange so we know there’s a few of our credit cards and I don’t know off the top of my head but that there is no transaction fee and another country and there’s no transaction fee for I’m have being different monetary value and the reason we don’t get out cash to do this is for example high once at one time we were in Jamaica and my sister-in-law what need a ChapStick because we were that lightning and her chapstick through fell through the great and so she had to have her chapstick so she bought one in Jamaica and she gave them a $20 bill in cash and she got her ChapStick and they gave her the rest back in Jamaican money well first of all she didn’t get a very good exchange rate for this and second of all she never you said Jamaican cash so in reality that chap stick cost her $20 so this is why we don’t get out cash and we just try and use our credit cards whenever we can sometimes it’ll let you use American dollars and it just might not be as good of an exchange rate but that might be okay so you don’t lose the rest of the money in there but you also might want to bring home that cashes souvenirs for people so you can get out cash if you want it that way kids always like you no Souvenirs of money from different countries or adults me to and the last thing is we don’t use our credit cards to get out money for that reason because that that exchange rate so thank you for joining us today all the greater than a Taurus books can be found on Amazon in paperback an Evac ebook format and most of the audio books can be found on Amazon and Audible and hopefully the show has motivating you to travel to wherever your heart desires please join us for the next episode and remember to subscribe to the greater than it’s worth 50 travel tips from a local podcast thank you for me Lisa Rich check and please find more information about greater than a tourist books at greater than a tours.com thank you very much for joining me today I am now finished with my strawberry tea and I will now probably do some cleaning before the kids come back all right have a great day bye 

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