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Auto text: Good afternoon everyone this is Lisa Rusczyk and welcome to the greater than its first podcast my name is Lisa richette and I am the creator of the greater than tours book series I love the travel and I hope you do too we have a great show for you today this show is episode 8 libraries on a cruise ship So today we’re going to talk about how some libraries are close and some are open and what to look for in the library so let’s get started I was recently on a cruise about two weeks ago and we went on Holland America and we left from Boston and we ended in Montreal so on Holland America their library was open all the time it was really nice they had a travel book section and the books that we were of the location to you’re going to we’re taking very quickly of the locations you’re going to so if you want to get the books travel books of locations are going to eat you should probably go early to get those books I did see them there again on the last day and actually I did look at on the last day because I like to go places and see things and then research afterward because I have an idea of what things look like and I have more questions so actually this books can be helpful at the end of a cruise to but I have also been on other Cruise Lines we mostly going NCL where I’m a platinum member and their libraries are closed most of time unless there’s a library in there I’m assuming because people have stole stole in the box and they want to make sure they were checked out but not all Cruise Lines do this there’s also a location where you can put extra books that the guests bring I usually bring one of my greater than a Taurus books and pop them in there and hopefully I’ll people will read them and I like the the travel series and possibly buy books in the future so I usually leave a few there and a but you’ll also find different books and sometimes magazines from the guests that they keep which is nice and sometimes are available all the time so there’s lots of different genres in books that you can get on a cruise ship I saw someone was reading The Hunger Games on the last Cruise and I thought that was interesting but you can see you can use the library and it’s very helpful so you don’t have to get a book at the airport or before you leave you can actually find books on the cruise ship so one thing that I think you should look at is there is a lot of travel books on cruise ships that might be helpful to plan your next vacation there’s always some CDs and normally that the library is near the game room so that might be a place where you hang out sometimes sometimes we are always looking for free things to do on days at Sea so this is a very helpful thing to use the library on a cruise ship while you’re there and another thing is they usually have nice Windows there and it’s quiet so you may just want to go there and take a rest in the library even if you don’t read any books so it’s just somewhere where you can go in a cruise ship all right so thank you for joining me today you can find all the greater than tourist books on Amazon in paperback an ebook format and most of them you can find it audiobook format to hopefully the show is motivated you to travel to wherever you’d like to go please join our next episode and remember to subscribe to the greater notorious 50 travel tips from a local Pie cast and thank you for me Lisa Rich check please find more information about greater than Taurus books and other greater than a tourist information at greater than notorious. Com how many times do they say greater than a Taurus in that sentence three times all right have a great day bye 

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