EZ Squeezees Review

41XgjayebhLWith a 2 year old I have tried many food pouches.  Can you believe they can charge $1.50 for a little container of food for a kid?

We used these often on the cruise with our 10 month old.  We loved how easy it was to transport food for her wherever we went that we did not have to cut up.  These pouches are different than others because you can fill them from the side.  Then you don’t need a funnel to fill them.

I love adding unsweetened apple sauce.  So easy and inexpensive.  Also healthy!  I have to admit now that we have a 2-year-old any of these pouches do not work for her because she pushed too hard.  But when she was younger I loved them because she could feed herself.

From the company:

EZ Squeezees is a brand new refillable and reusable pouch with a large zippered side for easy, mess-free filling. Just fill with your favorite puree or shake, zip, eat and enjoy, then wash and reuse. They are BPA and Phthalate free, as well as dishwasher and freezer safe. Perfect for both kids and adults, too! EZ Squeezees holds 6.5oz of food and can be reused about 15 times per pouch. Sure to save you big bucks while also helping the environment! www.ezsqueezees.com


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