Free Travel Printable – Greater Than a Tourist

I hope you enjoy these free travel printables from Greater Than a Tourist! You can print one or many pages of each. You may find one helpful or print them all. Enjoy your planning and vacation.


Before you Leave

You may want to make a to-do list before you leave.  Here is a list to keep track of your tasks.  If one of those tasks is shopping, here is a shopping list where you might add things such as suntan lotion or a reusable water bottle. Keep all your flight information in one place with this Flight information tracker.

You may want to plan each day with a different outfit.  Here is our outfit tracker.

Remember to give your housesitter this guide,  and your petsitter this one.


During your Vacation


After you tasted some wine on your vacation, keep track of it with the Wine Journal. If scuba diving is something you will do, here is a free scuba journal to remember your experience. If you fish on your trip, you may want to track that on this fishing log.

You may want to exercise during your trip.  Keep a log with this jogging journal.


Kindness is something you can practice every day.  Fill in a heart on this kindness tracker and with each act of kindness you complete to keep your kindness flowing.

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