Free Baby and Pregnancy Printables- 50 Things to Know

Finding free pregnancy and baby information can be difficult.  Here are 9 free pregnancy printables that may help with your pregnancy and your new baby.  Everyone thinks they need a hospital bag check list but don’t worry if you don’t have everything you need.  I backed a bag after getting back from the doctor and who told me my water broke in 5 minutes.  All you really need to have a baby is you!  I did not pack until later because I wanted to use all the stuff that I wanted to pack in the last couple weeks. 

When I brought my baby home I did not realize that I needed to take medicine for a couple weeks.  It makes sense now :).  But since my husband and I were sleep deprived, this check list allowed me to remember what medicine I took and when I took it.  I usually stay away from medicine but after having a baby, and knowing the task of taking care of a human being, I took the medicine as directed by the doctor. 

After I gave birth, the nurse gave me a whole list of things that I had to do to get myself back to “normal”.  The After Labor Recover kit contains all of these items.  Reviewing these before you go into labor will make them feel less scary.  

The baby medicine basket, feeding and diaper schedule, traveling with baby tips, and new born essentials will all be helpful in your journey to trying to be the best parent you can be with little sleep and energy.

9 Free Pregnancy and Baby Printables Series
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