Get Your Charlie the Cavalier Puppet Postcard

Right now there are 9 of you. That is almost double last week.  I am excited to keep moving forward with this project.  Please share with anyone that may be interested.

Here is postcard number three.  I hope you and the kids in your life really enjoy the card. I would love your feedback as I continue to edit and add to these cards.  Again thanks for being here in the beginning.




Click here to for Postcard three for download.

  • View your environmentally friendly postcard on any device or print out your card on paper or card stock.
  • You can even mail the card to a friend.
  • Remember to recycle if you print out this card.

P.S. – Charlie the Cavalier goes for a Walk is coming out soon.  That is book number five in the Charlie the Cavalier Book Series.

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