Greater Than a Tourist- Fountain Hills Arizona USA

Greater Than a Tourist- Fountain Hills Arizona USA

50 Travel Tips from a Local

By Alek Blesich


Are you excited about planning your next trip?

Do you want to try something new?

Would you like some guidance from a local?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this Greater
Than a Tourist book is for you.

Greater Than a Tourist - Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA by Alek
Blesich offers the inside scoop on Fountain Hills. Most travel
books tell you how to travel like a tourist. Although there is
nothing wrong with that, as part of the Greater Than a Tourist
series, this book will give you travel tips from someone who has
lived at your next travel destination.

In these pages, you will discover advice that will help you
throughout your stay. This book will not tell you exact addresses
or store hours but instead will give you excitement and knowledge
from a local that you may not find in other smaller print travel

Travel like a local. Slow down, stay in one place, and get to
know the people and the culture. By the time you finish this book,
you will be eager and prepared to travel to your next destination.

  • Inside this travel guide book you will find:
  • Insider tips from a local.
  • A bonus book 50 Things to Know About
    Packing Light for Travel by bestselling author
    Manidipa Bhattacharyya.
  • Packing and planning list.
  • List of travel questions to ask yourself or others
    while traveling.
  • A place to write your travel bucket list.


"I don't know where I'm going, but
I sure know where I've been."

- Whitesnake

I've lived the majority of my life in Illinois and Indiana.
Chicago and its suburbs will always have a special
place in my heart but relocating to Fountain Hills has
been the happiest decision of my life. I miss my friends
and family and consistently invite them to visit. My
friend Mark, originally from the Chicago suburb of
Lansing enjoyed this town so much he now lives less
than two miles from me. I've hosted an abundance of
guests from out of town, and when they visit my goal is
to have them fighting back tears when I drop them off
at the airport. The following list is how I get them to
book a flight and show them a Fountain Hills vacation
they don't want to end.


Weather is one of the primary reasons I moved to
Fountain Hills. With an average annual rainfall of 11
inches per year, your outdoor plans will never be ruined
by rain. Fountain Hills averages over 300 days of
sunshine per year. A winter visit here is the best
medicine for seasonal depression. The typical January
day is 65 degrees and sunny with lows maintaining over
40 degrees. The summers are hot, but there are a variety
of fun ways to keep cool. As we Arizonans like to say,
"But it's a dry heat." Personally, I'm more comfortable
when it's 100 degrees in Arizona than when it's 85
degrees with the humidity near Lake Michigan. The dry
air has its benefits. I've enjoyed more late-night patio
drinks than I should admit without having ever been bit
by a mosquito in Fountain Hills.


Not once, but twice last March there was a grown man
sitting on another grown man's lap in my 4-door sedan
upon arrival at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. We had to
make room for their golf clubs. Fountain Hills offers
four golf courses within ten miles of each other. Each
offers challenging play with gorgeous southwestern
mountain views. Desert Canyon offers the shortest and
the easiest course in town in addition to being the least
expensive. Sun Ridge Canyon and Eagle Mountain are
slightly more costly and more challenging. We-Ko-Pa,
located at nearby Fort McDowell is extremely popular.
It is the most expensive and offers two challenging
courses. Each location enforces a dress code requiring
collared shirts and no metal cleats. Prices vary based on
seasonal demand. From November through March you
should make reservations in advance and expect to pay
more than during summer months.

Read all 50 Tips in the book
Greater Than a Tourist- Fountain Hills Arizona USA
available at Amazon.


The Weather: Fountain Hills averages over 300 days
of sunshine per year. I've had numerous friends and
family visit me here with intentions of golfing,
sunbathing, hiking or going to watch a Spring Training
Baseball game. Not once has any of their plans been
ruined by inclement weather.

Outdoor Activities: There are so many outdoor
activities to choose from. A vacation should be spent
maximizing your time outside exploring somewhere
new. Hotel rooms should be comfortable and relaxing
but in Fountain Hills is the place to be outside enjoying
the gorgeous Sonoran Desert landscape, the sunsets and
the stars.

The Fountain: The Fountain is such a magnificent
sight that the town is named after it. It's a unique
attraction that draws more tourists to Fountain Hills
than anything else in town.


Alek Blesich was born in the city of Chicago and
grew up primarily in its suburbs. He is a graduate of
Arizona State University. During his senior year of
college, he resided at his father's condominium located
in Fountain Hills while commuting to Tempe for
classes. Following graduation, he returned to the
midwest and enjoyed a successful career in various
aspects of real estate from 2003-2015. In the summer of
2015, he decided to pursue his true loves, a change of
career as a writer, and a change of scenery back to
Fountain Hills where he happily resides.

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