Greater Than a Tourist – JAMAICA

Greater Than a Tourist – JAMAICA 50 Travel Tips from a Local

Alex Clennon

Alex Clennon is a motorcycle riding free spirit who was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. Alex has an extraordinary passion for freedom and her main goal in life is to encourage people to abandon the confines of ordinary life and join her on the quest for the extraordinary.


Alex believes that the human race is a remarkable species.

We weren’t meant to be content.

We were meant to be happy.

  1. Learn About The Great Bob Marley


Bob Marley might be the most popular Jamaican to have ever lived. He died in 1981 and his music is still played worldwide. Whether you’re a huge fan or not should not hinder your interest in learning about such a positively influential person.

The three main places where information can be garnered on this award winning Reggae icon are the Bob Marley Museum, the Trench Town Culture Yard and his former childhood home in Nine Miles St. Ann.


  1. Eating Ackee & Saltfish


Ackee and saltfish is the national dish of Jamaica and it is the national dish for a reason. It is delicious! I know I might be biased because I am Jamaican, but I’ve watched people from Germany, USA, Switzerland, Trinidad and even Fiji come to Jamaica and fall in love with this dish.

Ackee is a yellow fruit, which is stored in a pod. It is dangerous to eat it if the pod isn’t naturally opened. Saltfish is as the name suggests, a salty type of fish. The two are sautéed together in a melting pot of goodness! It is served with dumplings, yam, banana and other ground provisions and it can be bought at any shop or restaurant that sells Jamaican food. My recommendation is Juicy Patties. A chain of restaurants found island wide that sell really delicious Jamaican foods.

  1. Enjoy Live Music Under The Stars


Once I’m in Kingston, there is one place you will find me every Thursday night; Jammin’ at the Springs. Located at the Constant Spring Golf Club, this jam session offers musical magic, alcohol, and stars.

People from all around Jamaica who play different instruments, sing, rap, whatever your musical talent might be, come here to showcase their talent. It’s a free event, you just come and enjoy the ambiance support the local talent. The best part about it is that performances aren’t limited to the local talents. If you want to show off your voice or your guitar skills, then step up on the stage and show us what you got!


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