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Four Packing Tips



  • Choose Dark Over Light


While picking your clothes choose dark coloured ones. They are easy to colour coordinate and can last longer before needing a wash. Accidental food spills and dirt from the road are less visible on darker clothes.



  • Wear Your Jeans


Take only one pair of Jeans with you, which you should wear on the flight. Remember to pick a pair that can be worn for sightseeing trips and is equally eloquent for dinner. You can add variety by adding lightweight cargos and chinos.



  • Carry Smart Accessories


The right accessory can give you a fresh look even with the same old dress. An intelligent neck-piece, a couple of bright scarves, stoles or a sarong can be used in a number of ways to add variety to your clothing. These lightweight beauties can double up as a nursing cover, a light blanket, beach wear, a modesty cover for visiting places of worship, and also makes for an enthralling game of peek-a-boo.



  • Learn to Fold Your Garments


Seasoned travellers all swear by rolling their clothes for compact and wrinkle free packing. Bundle packing, where you roll the clothes around a central object as if tying it up, is also a popular method of compact and wrinkle free packing. Stacking folded clothes one on top of another is a big no-no as it makes creases extreme and they are difficult to get rid of without ironing.


Top Reasons to Book a Trip to Poipet City Cambodia 

by Justine C. Naboya who wrote the book Greater Than a Tourist- Poipet City Cambodia



  • Food: 


The food is amazing. Their local cuisine is very strong in spices and flavor, unlike anything you’ll encounter even in the Southeast Asian region. You have the freedom to customize the spiciness or cut of your meat, which just adds to the enjoyment of your dining experience.



  • Everything is cheap: 


Where else can you survive a day on just a couple of dollars? With the free shuttles provided by the casinos, you’ll hardly even have to pay for transportation to get around and even when you do, it’s incredibly cheap. The more high-end restaurants in the area and even inside the casinos are still relatively cheap compared to fancier restaurants in say, Siem Reap or Bangkok.



  • Casino culture: 


Poipet has a personality of its own because of the abundance of casinos. Cambodia is a Developing Country but once you step inside the casinos, it’s easy to forget that. The disparity between the fanciness of the casinos and the still-developing surrounding areas is always mind-boggling, but it really adds to the character of the place.


Our Story

Traveling is a passion of this series creator. She studied abroad in college, and for their honeymoon Lisa and her husband toured Europe. During her travels to Malta, an older man tried to give her some advice based on his own experience living on the island since he was a young boy. She thought he was just trying to sell her something. When traveling to some places she was wary to talk to locals because she was afraid that they weren’t being genuine. She created this book series to give you as a tourist an inside view on the place you are exploring and the ability to learn what locals would like to tell tourists. A topic that they are very passionate about.


Remember, it does not matter where you travel but who you travel with. 



Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D. 

Creator of CZYK Publishing and the Greater Than a Tourist travel book series. 

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