Greater Than a Tourist- Tunis Tunisia

Greater Than a Tourist- Tunis Tunisia

50 Travel Tips from a Local

By Bella Fraser


Are you excited about planning your next trip?

Do you want to try something new?

Would you like some guidance from a local?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this Greater
Than a Tourist book is for you.

Greater Than a Tourist- Tunis, Tunisia by Bella Fraser offers
the inside scoop on Tunis, Tunisia. Most travel books tell you how
to travel like a tourist. Although there is nothing wrong with that,
as part of the Greater Than a Tourist series, this book will give you
travel tips from someone who has lived at your next travel

In these pages, you will discover advice that will help you
throughout your stay. This book will not tell you exact addresses
or store hours but instead will give you excitement and knowledge
from a local that you may not find in other smaller print travel

Travel like a local. Slow down, stay in one place, and get to
know the people and the culture. By the time you finish this book,
you will be eager and prepared to travel to your next destination.

Inside this travel guide book you will find:

  • Insider tips from a local.
  • A bonus book 50 Things to Know About
    Packing Light for Travel by bestselling author
    Manidipa Bhattacharyya.
  • Packing and planning list.
  • List of travel questions to ask yourself or others
    while traveling.
  • A place to write your travel bucket list.

“Travel makes one modest. You see
what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustav Flaubert


Tunis is blessed with a temperate Mediterranean
climate, and very little rainfall to worry you. Most travel
guides recommend spring and autumn, but that just means
those are the busiest and most expensive times, and the
times you’ll have the least authentic experience. The cooler
months (November – February) are a fantastic time to
experience Tunisia in general. Temperatures range from
around 47°F overnight to 63°F during the day in Tunis, and
indeed across most of the country. Most of Tunisia is
desert, and annual rainfall reflects that. Even during the
wettest months the capital of Tunis get a couple of inches
of rain spread out over five or so days. There are also lots
of fantastic festivals on during the cooler months.


Another reason it is so great to visit during winter is the
clothing. There are lots of photos splashed across the
internet and travel guides of women and men in shorts and
sleeveless shirts, but this is considered disrespectful outside
beachside tourist resorts, and will hinder your ability to
visit certain places of interest. Plus, and this is a big plus,
locals will be less than impressed! It’s really best to wear
loose, modest clothing. You’ll fit in with the locals better
and find the welcome that much warmer, which will
certainly work to your advantage and make your stay much
more enjoyable. If loose clothing isn’t your style, there are
plenty of beautiful and affordable clothes that can be
purchased in the souks.

Read all 50 Tips in the book Greater Than a Tourist- Tunis Tunisia available at Amazon.


People: The people are incredibly friendly and hospitable.

Scenery: From white sandy beaches to the majesty of the
Grand Erg Oriental, the Mediterranean vibes of Sidi Bou
Saïd to the Moorish architecture in the capital, there is
an amazing collection of landscapes to be awed by.

Authenticity: Despite its many draw-cards, Tunisia is still
an overlooked destination, with many preferring
Morocco or Egypt. It is therefore friendlier towards
tourists, and there are far more authentic experiences to
be had.


Bella Fraser is an author, explorer, and architect who
now calls Australia home, although her heart remains in
Tunisia. Bella loves traveling all over the world with an
open mind and heart and conversational local language
skills (that’s how she gets the best local knowledge!).

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