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10295935_10202850118952740_7599943877998887417_o (1)As you may know my husband and I are trying to have another child. We had a miscarriage last December.  No I am not pregnant.  But it has been about 6 months since then so I went to the doctor.  He gave me a blood test.  These are the results:

The Prolactin is double normal. Prolactin is the hormone that stimulates breast milk and it is the hormone that prevents pregnancy in breasting feeding mothers.  This could be an issue for you.  Fortunately, it is easy to treat.  I will send a prescription for a medicine called bromocryptine. Take one pill daily.

So we are excited to keep moving forward and keep trying.

In other news we are having an amazing summer.  My husband it helping with a program on campus that has him working 80+ hours this week.  But in between we have been going to amusement parks, swimming, and just enjoying a 2 1/2 year old.

Potty training is going well.  We made it to the library 2x, the coffee shop, Lowes, and Walmart with out a diaper.  She is still having accidents though out the day.  Her new thing this week is to not want to go near the potty when it is potty time.  But we are good at tricking her.  We have switches to a Jelly Bellys as a treat when she is finished.  It has been interesting bringing her to the potty at amusement parks.  At Knoebles the toilets are metal without a toilet seat.  She said they were dirty so after inspecting them all the picked one and went potty.

The Charlie the Cavalier Begs for Attention book is going great.  I get the paperback copy today for the first time to approve.  My favorite part is that military families are using it to communicate while they are away.  I can not even imagine how that feels that the fact that I can make it a little easier for a family that is serving our country brings tears to my eyes.  I am glad that other are liking it too.  I am starting to plan a second book Charlie the Cavalier travels the world.  There is a long ways to go to make a profit on this project but I know I will.  I also hope to give some of the money back to teaching and learning when the project makes a profit.

Talking about my Doctorate makes me a little sad but I will make it!  Still working on finding the exact match of people I need for my study to be completed in Fall 2014.  But I have approval from UOP and LHU so it is a great start.  After I get the results of the survey I can finally write my last 2 chapters, defend the dissertation, and become Dr. Lisa Rusczyk! I have many great people helping me and support from others.  But waiting 2 months just suck.  I just want to finish the thing!

The addition is amazing!  We love it so much.  It has already become a large part of our lives.  The addition just fits with the rest of our house.  I used the same colors.  George loves his new office.  I have a walk in closet!!!  The closet is great to find things and packing is easier.  The room for child #2 is currently a play room. I never thought I would have a play room at our house.  I am working on organization to keep it clean.  We also extended our bedroom and living room which just gives us more open space to enjoy and share with family and friends (the living room that is).

We are planning our next cruise for the end of December for a week if anyone is interested in joining.  We have a cruise picked out and we are waiting for the lowest price.  At least tying to get it.  We are going to leave Maria at home this time.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and let us know if you need any coming your way too.

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