Hello 2017!


This was not a normal week for me.  In the beginning of the week we had our entire downstairs repainted gray.  I really love the new paint.  But prepping the walls took a long time.  I am glad we took the effort because our walls look great. We really needed new paint since we did not paint for 6 years and have 2 little ones running around. If you want some decorating tips on a budget check out this free book today: 50 Things to Know to Decorate on a Budget: Transform Your House Inside and Out

Then our little girls had 2 snow days.  We played outside, drank hot chocolate, and watched movies. I liven in Central Pennsylvania. We only got a couple inches of snow but that is all we needed.

During this time I worked on hiring 10 new 50 Things to Know writers.  They are excited to start on their new topics.  I was very excited to hire them and can not wait to see their work.

I decided after help from a writers sister that I needed to change the cover design.  The design has not been revamped for 5 years.  Yes time for a change.  I worked on that this week.  I can’t wait to show you the new covers.

Skillshare was a place where I created online classes for almost all of least year.  This year they changed how much instructors got paid.  I don’t think that this year I will create as many classes.  This just shows you how business is always changing.  As soon as you make new goals, things change.  I have the goal of making 2 classes a week, but since the change I may not go for that goal anymore.

Later in the week I realized 5 more children’s books.  Just cute little books to get the little ones thinking.  Ok I guess the big kids (adults) thinking too. These books are so much fun to make for me.

I write the Charlie the Cavalier book series.  This week we are finalizing Charlie the Cavalier Goes for a Walk (Book 5).  I can’t wait to share the book with you.

If you are a writer I would love to review your books on Amazon.  I am always looking for reviews too.

Check out the new book topics!

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