Hiawatha Riverboat Cruise with Kids

My family and I had a great night on the Hiawatha riverboat.  We did the princess party cruise and really enjoyed it.  The boat went out for about 2 hours.  The girls colored, listen to the princesses sing, and got pictures with the princesses.

There was food on the boat, and alcohol.  The price for the trip and the items on board were not expensive.

We brought water for the girls and bought some snacks.  The top deck was nice to be outside but bottom deck did have air conditioning. Before you go you can check all the different events that the boat has.  There is really something for any group of people.  We really enjoyed this trip and think is would be fun for other families.

We brought our 2 year old and 5 year old.  I thought this was a fun quick trip.


We paid for our own trip.

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