How to Enjoy a 9-Day Cruise with a Toddler

Last week my husband, 2 year old daughter, and I went on the NCL Gem out of Manhattan, NY for a 9 day cruise to Puerto Rico, St. Martin, St. Thomas, and the Dominican Republic. We had such an amazing time. I wanted to share with you some of our pictures as well as tips for traveling with a toddler on a cruise ship.

We met many wonderful people.  One Grandmother brought her Grandson on the cruise just to spend time with him.  She did not even get off the ship at any ports.  She just enjoyed the activities and the already prepare food while spending time with her Grandson.

Cruise lines all have different activities for different age ranges.  We picked the ship based on the itinerary and time of year and not the activities.  They did not have any baby sitting for this age range.  We would have liked to have a baby sitter for long 1 1/2 dinners but she did ok with lots of activities.

As you see in the pictures and video here is some of the reasons:

  • Dora/ Nickelodeon Characters
  • Fresh Fruit and Ice Cream
  • Clean Beaches
  • Washi Washi (Hand Cleaning is fun)
  • Dancers at the Shows
  • Music Around the Ship
  • Kids Pool
  • Warm Weather in the Winter
  • Learning to wait at meals
  • The staff is extra nice to kids
  • Learning to be around and communicate with others
  • Learning when you need to be quiet
  • Interacting with Other Children of all ages
  • Spending 9 days 24/7 with family
  • Much More

I am writing this post because many people may be scared to bring a toddler on a cruise.  You may be reading this because you already decided to take a cruise and are looking for some tips.  The tips that I used again are the Tips for Bringing a Baby on a Cruise only this time we had to bring more small toys and food to entertain her.  This time we let her have fruit loops when we wanted to do something that she didn’t.  She never had them before this so it was definitely a treat.

The biggest challenges are having a different sleeping situation, now always having the same nap time, waiting for food if you did not go to the buffet, sitting on parts of the ship that did not entertain her, not having a bath tub, and keeping a toddler busy.  But it was all worth it!

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