Illustrator for the new Charlie the Cavalier Children's Book Has Been Selected

535bcc28653a4_thumb900After reviewing many children’s book illustrators Magdalena Takáčová from The Czech Republic has been selected.  She comes from an artistic family. Magdalena amazing illustrations and love of animals makes her a perfect fit for this project.  In her free times she organizes art-workshops for local kids.

Her name is almost as hard as mine to pronounce (Rusczyk).  I wrote the book last year and I can’t wait to finish this project.  I will keep you updated on facebook, and pinterest as we move forward.

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While this was her example picture, changes will be made for the child and dog to look more like my own.

This book and puppet is ideal for families who are video chatting with children. This book includes child attention strategies. The basic principle of The Charlie the Cavalier is to connect children with loved ones while they cannot be together due to distance or other circumstances.

  • Parents away from children.
  • Grandparents away from children.
  • Friends and other family members trying to have a relationship with children where distance is an issue.

Many families and friends cannot be in the same physical location as their loved ones. That does not mean they are not loved. We can all stay connected to our loved ones, no matter where they are in the world! They can see that they are not alone when they are not with loved ones. Other children also have distance family and friends at times.

The images will be rich with:

  • Beautiful Home Design
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  • Flowers including roses, hydrangeas, and lilacs

Images will be framed (Possible Places)

  • Showed at Avenue 209 local coffee shop in Lock Haven, PA
  • Showed at the Ross Lock Haven Library
  • Showed at Lock Haven Art Council

Other Media (Possible Places)

  • Newspaper article in the Lock Haven Express
  • Book opening at Avenue 209 coffee House
  • Talk About book on PA Live
  • Window Display at Local Forest
  • Local reading at 4 different libraries to children
    • Ross Library
    • Telford Library
    • Jersey Shore Library
    • State College Library
    • Website
    • Social media- facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

The set contains:

  • The set features a picture book and puppet.
  • The ebook can also be purchased without the puppet.
  • A beautifully constructed puppet that resembles a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The children will learn:

  • Confidence knowing that their loved ones are safe.
  • Love from a distance.
  • Entertainment
  • Learning from a book being read though video chatting.

The distance member will learn:

  • How to keep children’s attention while video chatting with puppet
  • They will learn though the book different activities to keep children’s attention.
  • Even after reading the book the puppet will keep children’s attention.

Other products:

  • Notecards
  • Frames Images

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